Glenzilla Picks Another Winner

Yeah, That'll Work

Go on and guess who one certain ostensibly progressive phenom wouldn’t mind supporting for president in 2012 against his favorite nemesis, Barack Obama. No, go on, guess! No fair peeking at this excellent piece by Joy Reid, or else you’ll know that Glenn Greenwald, spokes-scourge for the Firebagging Nation, has his eye on former governor Gary Johnson (R-Randhole)* for president, to run possibly with Russell Feingold, who since he lost his seat last year certainly has the time, if not inclination. Why wouldn’t Russ want to partner up with an anti-union,anti-Medicare and Social Security, pro-tax cuts for the wealthy, anti-gay marriage (but he’s anti-all government-sanctioned marriage, so that’s all right, then—I guess) private prison enthusiast? (The government should get out of providing services, but purchasing them with the peoples’ tax money—-WINNING! And thanks, Charlie.)

The Cato Institute’s fiercest binary-thinker could be down with Johnson or some billionaire or another——-anything to shake up the two party system in the long run, however far in the future that may be. The suffering instituted in the here-and-now? You mean Bradley Manning’s suffering? Is there any other kind?

(Image presented in keeping with today’s Earth Day salute to animals, and the people who resemble them, but not nearly enough.)
*Is this new Internet tradition strong enough to survive being used in a Polly post? I hope so!

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A sip for every blogospheric utterance of the following

1) “His heart’s in the right place”
2) “Adherence to getting spineless Dems elected makes you blind to people outside of it who are still right about stuff”
3) “This is secret primarying from the left because—RUSS FEINGOLD”
4) “So what? GG has never claimed to be an expert on [x ...]”

A big gulp:

1) “Who says I follow GG for anything except civil liberties stuff?”
2) “You’re telling me to shut the fuck up about Dear Leader Obama!”
3) “I never said that Obama should be primaried!”
4) “Who said anything about wanting purity from anyone? That’s an Obot strawman!”
5) “But we could form cross-party alliances with libertarians based on the anti-war stuff!”
6) “GG wasn’t REALLY in favor of Citizens United.”

The whole shebang:

1) “This is a covert operation by GG to foment a new progressive third party”
2) “What you’re really doing is mocking people in grassroots movements against the 2 major parties!”
3) “Hey, libertarianism isn’t too different from progressivism ...”

Oh my lord, I didn’t even see this shit: derites-glenn-greenwalds-third-party-dreamin/

“even though I know that by abstaining or supporting a third party, I’m going to be sacrificing some of my short term political interests; I’m going to be causing a few more Republicans to be elected than otherwise might be elected; on balance, I’m willing to sacrifice my short term interests in order to do something to subvert the stranglehold that these two parties have on the political process because electing more Democrats, even though it’s a little less scary, accomplishes nothing good.”

That covers at least 2 full drinks.

Comment by Paula on 04/22/11 at 05:50 PM

You realize you have spoke heresy Mrs. Polly. High Treason besmurfing the Lord High Progressive in Chief. Master of the Golden Chalice of Liberal Purity.

You can expect to be swarmed by a locust of plagues or March Wheeler, whichever gets here first. And I ain’t invoking his name for apparent reasons.

Gary Johnson, my former fruit loop Governor, who’s single skill was sewing the the state coffers tighter than Sarah’s corset. Well tighter than that actually. Giving New Mexico poor the bottom of an empty dumpster when the state was running surpluses.

Heart of Gold, that guy. But we could all go by the law of the glibertarian jungle with a smile on our faces from legal weed.

Somewhere I read that Glenn is just writing this stuff to keep attention focused on him.  This latest stunt gives that theory quite a bit of credence.

Oh, and the blingee is superb!  Particularly like the elephacorn.



Comment by Paula on 04/22/11 at 06:16 PM

Hi, Stuck!  Glad to see you in these parts.

Paula, GG is a self-aggrandizing dipwad.  HIS short-term interest?  Please.  Most of the people who talk about voting third party to make a point are the ones who will be least affected by the damage that thinking causes.  And, if he gets his way, there won’t be any long term for America.  Anus beret. 

Nice picture, Mrs. P.  I’m down with this interchanging of species.

But asiangrrlMN, the fact that he lives in Brazil is IRRELEVANT, I tell you.

I’m rather comforted that people on BJ are snarking about it without (yet) incurring the wrath of the Glenn-bots. I don’t know how long that’ll hold, though.

As for the various Glennbot-i who circle the webs (that character bmull - oy—why don’t you guys make fun of him/her?), I can’t believe how accurate my stupid fucking list of predictable responses is. I have to fight the urge to troll ...

So does GG hate unions and wants to eliminate collective bargaining and single payer health care (medicare)? Did he not hate Obama because he compromised on the health bill? Was I wrong about the main reason for the Great Progressive Freakout?

@Paula, oddly enough, I wasn’t even thinking about that.  If he lived in the U.S., he still wouldn’t be as affected by the policies being enacted by the Republicans simply because he has enough money for health insurance, he’s not of color, and he’s not a woman.  Gay rights would not change in ways that would aversely affect him, for the most part. 

As for BJ, there are enough GG supporters there to make trolling mostly irrelevant.*

*Full disclosure, I don’t read many threads over at BJ any more.

So, seriously, is there any way I can not only return the two Greenwald books I bought while GW Bush was President, but also make the author refund his royalties to me??  I MEAN THIS.

@ asiangrrlMN

Troo dat.

Look I don’t mind peeps being bi-curious about political views and shit, so that’s not really my deal with Greenwald.

The deal is that he gets sold up and down the web and on TV as being a pundit not only on civil liberties (which he is, I’ll give him that), but as a guy who can accurately represent the left and give political advice to them.

His commentary (the little I’ve read recently) about domestic politics REEKS of someone who didn’t discover it until GWB, and who writes only the most superficial things about progressives. At last, I have confirmation: anyone who says publicly states that he would like Russ Feingold to double up for a symbolic ticket with an asshat like Johnson is either seriously incoherent and deluded or has actively misled people about his real ideological views. I think it’s the former, but neither choice implies this character should be trusted with telling lefties what they should be doing or who they should vote for.

His commentary (the little I’ve read recently) about domestic politics REEKS of someone who didn’t discover it until GWB…

Exactly. How could anyone who remembers how GWB came to be president recycle the “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats” line with a straight face? I’ve got no use for anyone peddling that line of bullshit.

@Betty C., co-sign that.  One of my conversation stoppers.  It tells me that the person speaking the line is dishonest or doesn’t give a fig about the concerns of anyone but himself (and, I’ve heard it FAR more from men than women).  Another is:  Obama is as bad/worse than W.  Good-bye.  Don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out.

As someone who’s voted third-party for years, I hate to pee on GG’s sneakers, but despite the Mighty Nader Myth you could add all of us in left and leftish parties together and we couldn’t even influence a Congressional election let alone a Presidential one.  There just aren’t that many of us.  What few successes we enjoy are at the state and local level, and there ain’t a hell of a lot of them.

Though in fairness, perhaps he’s confused Gary with Big Johnson.  Or not.

So I don’t read Greenwald anymore, but I assume as a rock-ribbed civil liberties dude he’s been expending a lot of energy attacking the GOP for voter suppression efforts, right? Because what could be a more fundamental civil liberty than the right to vote? (I know—I crack myself up!)

And just because, here’s Lawrence O’Donnell handing Glenn his ass again.

Somebody needs to remind Glenn that the Blue Dogs who lost didn’t get replaced with firebreathing liberals—they got replaced with mouthbreathing Teabaggers. Gee, that’s SO much better. Of course, since Glenn is a Richie Richie White Boy, Yeah Yeah who can afford to be an ex-pat, it’s just all parlor games to him. But remember to feed his and Hamsher’s overstuffed smug faces with their “PAC”—the one that hasn’t gotten a single fucking liberal elected so far.

Comment by Oblomova on 04/23/11 at 01:03 PM
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