Gohmert, Bachmann and King Walk Like An Egyptian

In their never-ending quest for a heart, a brain and courage, America’s zaniest Congresspersons took their act on the road to school the Egyptian people in a little homespun 9/11 revisionist history.  Michelle “Ma Belle” Bachmann, Louie Gohmert and Steve King clicked their heels three times and woke up in Cairo where they met with Egyptian coup-leader General Abdel Fatah el-Sissi in whom they see a latent George Washington.

Rep. Gohmert explains:

We met with (sic) for a long meeting General el-Sissi and many of the military leaders, and my friend Steve King mentioned again about our heritage in America.  George Washington, doing what no one had ever done before him, led a military in revolution, won the revolution, and then resigned and went home.

And we met, in General el-Sissi, a man who is leader of the military, who might have a shot at being elected president, but is more concerned about giving his life to help his country, Egypt.

[First military-led revolution EVER? Seriously, Louie?  Oh, that’s right . . . Texas textbooks]

Meanwhile, Bachmann, referring to her own private 9/11 theory [that the Muslim Brotherhood, rather than Osama bin Laden, mounted the attack] explained to the General that we Americans have had our own problems with the Muslim Brotherhood, yessirree—and that she’ll personally make sure that the F-16s and Apache missiles keep coming to help el-Sissi fight the good fight [at least until her term is up and she retires to her gay conversion clinic].

These are your tax dollars at work, people . . . and also, too, the reason we’ll never, ever be able to have nice things again.

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King, Bachmann, & Gohmert, proof positive that stupid is as stupid does.

The really sad thing is that, most often, dunces like these really do represent their constituents.

I think of it as the “mascot problem”—when people no longer expect elected leaders to actually do anything useful, they just vote for people who serve as the embodiment of their grudges and dissatisfaction. The fear that “government is the problem” then starts to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’ve been seeing this theme in a few places lately… the notion that George Washington was the first to lead a revolution and then resigned and went home.

They’re playing on the “the best leader is the person who doesn’t desire power” ideal.

Coming from these three power-hungry idiots, I’m just glad I put my drink down first before I read that!

I’ve been seeing this theme in a few places lately… the notion that George Washington was the first to lead a revolution and then resigned and went home.

So, he’s basically the American Cincinatus.  Wingers sure are unoriginal.

It shames me that losers like these 3 get to represent the US to leaders of other countries.

According to the Wikipedia page on Cincinatus, he lived to be 89 years old, pretty good for a politician, even back then.

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