Good God, Sarah! You’ve Got to Get on Top of That Buzz!

Sarah appeared on Hannity live (or at least upright) last night. It wasn’t an early-AM recorded interview, since she discussed the Prop 8 ruling.

Nonetheless, there seemed to be some sort of epic Clash of the Neurotransmitters going on behind her eyeballs, especially during the parts where she’s listening to Sean’s questions, e.g.:

♦ Drowsiness
♦ Dry-mouth
♦ Bobble-head
♦ Erratic breathing
♦ Incomprehensible speed-raps
♦ Spontaneous “Stan Laurel” faces

Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing it? For all I know, she’s just naturally drowning in Serotonin, but this is the first time I’ve watched her that I detected a Classic Side-Effect Swarm like Mom used to get when she was watching Matlock.

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It’s amazing - even with the sound turned off, she looks like an ignoramus.

I try not to do the Bill Frist “remote viewing” diagnosis thing, but I grew up in a family of neuropharmaceutical guinea pigs, and half the people I know are gobbling SSRIs…so I may just be mistaking innocent congenital gooniness for something else.

Wasilla is the Meth capital of Alaska. Perhaps she’s been doing her commonsense conservative part to support ReaLAMErican businessmen youbetcha also2 [twitch twitch].

Is it just me, or is anyone else seeing it?

It’s something I’ve long noticed, but I think it’s getting worse.

I guess her fans will pass it off as her being “animated” and natural.”

If she’d had any video coaching (given her teleprompter/sportsreader background and that communications degree and all), I’d imagine she’d have been told in no uncertain terms to cut it out. Lord help whoever it was assigned to tell her, though.

Still, it distracts handily from the torrent of disjointed hateful drivel pouring out of her gob, so there is that.

Also, in a rare fashion observation from me designed only to claim my place among those who only ever talk about her appearance, if she slaps on any more mascara, she’s going to need a dog and white stick. Apparently, during the election, she drove the GOP makeup artists crazy by insisting on sneaking off to the john for a “touch-up” after they’d finished their trowelwork on her phizog.

She appears to be blinking something out in Morse code.  It may be “help meeeeeee”

I think you’re on to something, Bella. In the above clip, Palin kind of reminds me of the famous flying donkey, which brayed in terror as it was forced to parasail on the Black Sea. Maybe a British tabloid can rescue Palin too—and give her a quiet life in well-deserved obscurity, sparing us from further braying.

Betty, we have a long history of donkeytarian concern in this country, but Palinarian? Not so much, outside the confines of the astroturfed Daily Mail and Telegraph comments sections.

I fear she’ll have to find her own soft landing and sanctuary. She’s made a pretty good start. Now if she can just quit this TV and Twitter habit, she’s made for life.

I am physically incapable of listening to her for more than a minute at a time, so I’ll have to take your word for it, but scrolling through I did see the uncanny resemblance to Stan Laurel. Nice catch.

p.s. I’m still waiting for her to return to something resembling this epic performance.

p.s.s. Anyone else notice that Hannity said “repudiation”? Did Gov. Phyllis Dillweed totally miss Sean setting her up for one of her patented homespun funnies?

I tried watching it with the sound off. I thought that might be an interesting experiment. I didn’t notice anything too unusual in her grimaces. She is an overactor by nature.


Betty Cracker, is she a shrieking eel or a shrieking donkey? Or is she some ungodly chimera of both?

My God! Life is too short to give up 14:45 to watch facial Pratt falls.

Life is too short

If I read these X-rays right, 14.45 still leaves you about 23 and a half hours. Why not splurge?

i couldn’t watch past “he (obama) is in over his head”.

translation: “damn dumb darkie! what’s he know about presidenting?”

what a revolting fucking moron she is.

2:54et seq . . .“It is a travesty that the president should choose which laws to enforce and which not.

Tell me again, what were those statements GWB kept signing?”

She is telegraphing the reactions she wants the viewers to have—she’s like a bad child actor.

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