Goodwinned at the Cineplex

Have you seen “Lincoln” yet? Well, why not?

I saw it with my teenage daughter this week, and we both thought it was excellent. Daniel Day Lewis was fantastic as the tortured, humorous and scheming Mr. Lincoln. Sally Field was twitchy, brittle, sad and marvelous as Mary Todd Lincoln.

If the set accurately portrayed the White House circa 1865, it was a drafty, chilly, besieged place with few creature comforts (though surely a damn sight more luxurious than the average citizen had at the time, even in non-war-torn sections of the country).

The most affecting image from the film for me was Mr. Lincoln padding through the White House in his slippers, bundled up in a throw. This image recurred a couple of times if I recall correctly: It seemed to be filmed from the vantage point of Lincoln’s son Tad watching his father walk away in the gloom after fondly tucking the boy in for the night. It’s actually a pretty good visual metaphor for what our greatest president meant to us as a nation.

The only presidents my 14-year-old personally remembers are George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So it was kind of a shock for her to see Republicans in the role of the good guys.

Please feel free to discuss the movie or whatever…

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They filmed much of the movie in my hometown (Richmond, represent!  Where’s JasonM at?), and although I engaged in a bit of set stalking, I never got to see either Spielberg or Day-Lewis, which was a bummer.  Daniel is kinda my hetero-man-crush.  It was fun watching them shoot, though… they filmed a number of scenes right in my neighborhood.  Can’t wait to see the flick.

I plan on going over Xmas break, assuming it’s not been bumped for the more lucrative “holiday” shows.

Ha, it sounds like a great movie but I am Cineplexaphobic so will be watching it “On Demand”.

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