GOP ROI: The Blossoming

Is Turd Blossom pre-spinning a Romney loss? Maybe:

“If you hadn’t had the storm, there would have been more of a chance for the [Mitt] Romney campaign to talk about the deficit, the debt, the economy. There was a stutter in the campaign. When you have attention drawn away to somewhere else, to something else, it is not to his [Romney’s] advantage,” Rove told The Washington Post.

If President Obama wins this election (and I think he will), what does that say about the power of Super PACs? Here’s’s total Super PAC spending broken down by ideology:


Conservative groups have outspent liberals two to one. For nearly four years, their political operatives in Congress have worked very hard to sabotage every attempt President Obama has made to deal with the crappy economy so that they could run as the out party during a persistent economic crisis, and their 2012 standard bearer promised yesterday that unless he is elected, Republicans in the House will continue to fuck America up the ass for having the temerity to elect a Democrat as president.

And yet it looks like there’s a pretty decent chance that they’ll not only fail to unseat President Obama, the Dems will retain narrow control over the Senate and pick up some seats in the House. What does it mean? Dr. Krugman thinks it might reveal a so-called political genius as a common grifter:

Well, what if we’ve been misunderstanding Rove? We’ve been seeing him as a man dedicated to helping angry right-wing billionaires take over America. But maybe he’s best thought of instead as an entrepreneur in the business of selling his services to angry right-wing billionaires, who believe that he can help them take over America. It’s not the same thing.

And while Rove the crusader is looking — provisionally, of course, until the votes are in — like a failure, Rove the businessman has just had an amazing, banner year.

If this scenario comes to pass, the biggest losers, of course, will be the billionaires who have spent astonishing sums to purchase our democracy fair and square—with bupkis to show for it on November 7. Sheldon Adelson and family will be out $53.69 million. The Koch Bros. will be $36.66 (number of the devil!) lighter.

They’re businessmen. Maybe they’ll conclude it would have been cheaper to just pony the fuck up on their taxes? Hahahaha!

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Heh.  Looks like Rove is about as effective as ham loaf Rove*. 

I originally mispelled that as “ham oaf Rove”.  Works either way.

By George, I think you’ve got it—except for the billionaires: For them, it really was never about the money, or only to the extent that it was money from God the Father, awarded to them by God the Son, in token of their superior rightness with God the Invisible Hand. It’s OK to give it away but not to let the government decide who to give it to.

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Before you know it the campaign is actually, finally (almost) over, & gosh-darn it you just completely forgot to use some of Shelly’s contributions to buy some airtime & talk about the debt & stuff.

Not to mention what the Rmoney campaign could have done if they hadn’t been so busy just cold making shit up.

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