GOP’s War On Children


Well, the timing couldn’t have been worse what with the holidays errr . . . Christmas coming, but Eric Cantor, @GOPLeader, as he styles himself on Twitter, was forced to go all full-metal fascist on some schoolchildren who were singing about immigration reform outside his office yesterday.  When the kids wouldn’t shut up, Cantor’s office called the Capitol Police to bully them away.

As you can see, some of the kids were pretty scared and had to be comforted by the adults in their group.  It’s kind of a shame, too, because the House is in session so seldom that it’s sort of amazing that The Great Oz was actually in.  What the kids couldn’t have known was that Cantor was trying to read a very important white paper on How to Talk to Women without Being a Total Dick.

Maybe the group was fooled into thinking that Cantor was “down with kids” because photos, like the one above that heads up his Twitter feed sure looks that way.  That’s what political PR folks call a 3-bagger—you’ve got the candidate having a swell time with 1) African-American 2) female 3) kids who are our future.  Not bad but he’s not #GOPLeader fer nuthin.

Now others might have handled the situation a little differently.  Some might have even poked their heads out the door to talk to the kids and see what was up with them.  Still others might have given them a little reassuring fairy tale about doing everything humanly possible to do the right thing around their issue.  Not Cantor, though.  He’s learned how to expedite matters with a little muscle while he hides behind his richly appointed door.

Someone needs to remind this self-important martinet that he serves in the People’s House, at the People’s Pleasure and a wise politician doesn’t turn the People away or the People are liable to turn him out of office.

Please feel free to share your reactions with @GOPLeader on Facebook, Twitter, or, better yet on his office phone [which probably goes directly to voice mail] because @GOPLeader is a very important, very busy man, little ones.

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Cantor was a dick; that cop was a bigger one. “We’re going to start making arrests”? Of CHILDREN????
What an asshat.

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