GOPurity Test spits out a false positive, McConnell swallows

Imagine the Republicans’ surprise. There they were, happily chowing down on Senatorfold Brown’s* mantastic meat, when they notice he’s got a tattoo around his navel. Squinting closely they make out the words “I’m pro-choice and I vote.”

If you’re thinking the next scene features hysterical sobbing, a shower running full blast and vigorous scrubbing ... You still don’t realize how loath the Repugs are to give up their latest shiny new toy [via True/Slant]:

“He’s gonna be an independent voice for Massachusetts. We expect that. Republicans from the northeast are not exactly like Republicans from the south or the west, we understand that. We have a big tent party. And we’re thrilled to have him.” - Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KYJelly)

Don’t talk with your mouth full senator.

In addition to the guffaw-worthiness of Mitch’s attempt to pretend his party is in full control of anything but the worst the South has to offer and a few freaks who are just as obnoxious, right about the time Brown was telling Barbara Walters that he HATES BABIES, a lot of the cool kids in the GOP were in the far foreign land of “Hawaii,” deciding which kids they’d let into the club house [via The Minneapolis Star-Tribune]:

The new rule will not prevent support for moderate Republican candidates but will bar funding for those judged to be too far to the left, [Bill Crocker - Texas RNC] said.

“No more Scozzafavas, please. No more Specters, please. No more Chafees, please.”

Looks like that thar purity test needs a little more calibration, Hoss.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to enjoy watching the teabagging twerps as they try to spin this and then give up and start screaming they was had.

[xp 300]

*Huge h/t - Allan.

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Scoot Brown was the Freepers’ Friend, until he declined to rule out a run for the Presidency after just one year in the Senate. Hilarity ensues.

He also endorsed McCain, which has him shedding supporters faster than Sarah.

“Hottie McAwesome” is quickly becoming “Naughty McBait’n'switch.”

Yeah, well, don’t let Senatorfold Brown fool you.  He’s a Republican, so if he’s talking, he’s lying.

I well believe that his party has given him permission to be all mavericky during the balance of Kennedy’s term, but if he wins his own term he’ll be voting in lockstep with the Reichwing.

@karen marie—You never let us have any fun with this.

I have no doubts he’s a Republican. He’s just not the one a lot of people thought they were voting for.

Said it before, and I’ll say it again—this wasn’t the teabaggers demonstrating some brain cells are finally firing up down there—though the GOP has learnt that they have to be kept happy—it was them demonstrating that they’re like the neighborhood dog that barks at any car that passes by, without any thought or reflection…

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