Gotta Love That Cordiality

Now who would ever believe Jan Brewer could treat the President uncordially?  The Governor wanted a meeting with the President.  He told her that her fabulous description (“fabulous” as in “confabulated”) of the last one they had, as portrayed in her searing expose of why Jan Brewer is as awesome as Jan Brewer, Scorpions For Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border,  was, well, not very cordial, and then this thing up here happened.  Afterwards, she added to her luster as a wordsmith by calling the President “thin-skinned,” and explained wagging her finger in the President’s face thusly: “I will say that a picture is what it is.”  Thankee, Governor!

The RightOSphere is naturally outraged that the President apparently walked away from the Governor while she was in mid-sentence. I say she’s lucky she can still reach the middle letters on her laptop. Any old hoo, it’s a caption contest waiting to happen. Winner gets a souvenir Jan Brewer Hospitality Bottle Cap.

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I look at that picture and see “Ugh ... halitosis.”

“That’s two coats, and use a fresh chamois every 10 wipes. And if I find one scratch on that car…!”

No caption, but I’d like to think, with the feds they’ve already got in Arizona investigating Sheriff Joe, maybe they could spare a few to go throw a scare into Jan, too…

“... and this is the finger I had stuck in my right ear last night so I didn’t have to listen to you tell the truth about my fellow party members in Congress.”

“No I’m not going to pull your finger, Governor”.

This is going to be a hard one to settle. I wasn’t kidding about the bottle cap, btw, so winner will have to email your postal drop to collect your prize.

Haven’t decided how to determine the winner~~this is a very on-the-fly enterprise~~but of course the results will be certified by a disinterested party who is in no way also one of the contestants. Of course not!

“The word you’re struggling for is ‘UPPITY,’ Jan”

My eyes are up here!  Haven’t you ever seen a chin before, Mr. President?

Is that finger loaded or is it just you?

...And then - then - you can buy it back, and only for, like, two-hunnert million!

“ will respect my authority…..BOY!”

“Damn woman, did you get a chin transplant from a billy goat?!?”

Hell no, I won’t smell your finger!”

“Touch my flag pin again and I’ll have the Secret Service take you out like Bin Laden.”

Brewer: Eeny Meeny Miny Mo.

Obama: Does Jay Leno know you stole his chin?

Jan “Otis”* Brewer:

Obama (thought bubble):
Aww, man, it’s like one of those weird PUMA dreams I used to have back in ‘08, come to life…

*Reference (via):

...most of the main stream media, is unaware Governor Brewer’s nick name around the State capital is Otis, a reference to the town drunk from Mayberry.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 01/27/12 at 01:52 AM

Obama thought bubble: “MUST…RESIST…CALLING IN SEAL TEAM 6!!!  MUST…...RESIST!!!”

The line which Governor Brewer considered incordial: “Governor, you know I’m from Chicago, right?  I’ve seen pimps with more subdued suits.”

UNcordial.  Drat.

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