Greta haz questions!

Was Greta Van Susteren always as dumb as a bag of toenail clippings or has she picked up a contact-dumb from working at Fox News? I have a vague recollection of her covering the OJ trial and not seeming notably stupider than the other network jackals.

But that was a very long time ago. Perhaps memory fails.

Van Susteren’s blog typically reads as if it were authored by a 14-year-old girl. Until the topic turns to Sarah Palin or The First Dood, and then she writes like an 11-year-old covering a Justin Bieber concert on a three-day sugar binge.

Greta is hosting a Harmonic Douchebag Convergence on her show tonight—both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh will appear. She solicits reader opinions:


My questions didn’t make it past the moderator. (Limbaugh: Do you know where I can score some Oxycontin? Palin: Do you have a set cash goal, or will you just continue to milk the rubes to the last nickel?)

What would you ask Fake Queen Esther and Mean Uncle Fester if you had the chance?

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Busy night for Palin. DWTS airs at 9pm, and this time she is supposed to be in the audience. Greta airs at 10pm. Could be tight, and the questions look like they could be hardball enough without my joining in:

Rush….we need you to be the President of the United States period.

Greta, ask Rush and Sarah Palin if one of them would run for President and the other their Vice President. I would vote for them!

And oddly:

Why do Limbaugh and Palin refuse to inform America there are possibly 38 million illegal immigrants occupying America?? Palin has changed her mind when it comes to a form of AMNESTY - she wants it!! -america-occupied-by-38.html

But whatever, given the timing, I suspect mostly Palin will be talkin’ about Bristol and what a proud mom she is.

I would like to know what Hugo Chavez gave Sarah and Todd for Christmas.

I would like to ask Sarah if “Thong” and “Thwap” would be considered authentic Alaskan names for twin new-borns.

I would like to ask Rush how many of the truck-drivers and sanitation workers who paid for his lavish wedding were actually invited.

I would like to ask Greta if she feels stupid that she spent $25,000 to find out about Xenu and all those alien-filled volcanoes.

Also, sniffing around, it looks like the Palinites are putting more effort into stuffing the polls for Bristol on DWTS than they are supporting Palin’s slate of baggers.

It’s almost as if they’re not really bothered which campaign’s successful. A win’s a win, I guess.

Rush:  That Dominican Republic vacation—got any slides?

Sarah:  How many f’s in “repudiate”?

Rush: Which of your wives do you consider to be the “sacred union,” and which are just concubines you bought for fornication purposes?

Sarah: What’s it like to sleep with and bear children with a man who hates the United States of America enough to be a card-carrying member of a secessionist party? And is that worse than “palling around with terrorists?”

I have a vague recollection of her covering the OJ trial and not seeming notably stupider than the other network jackals.

Yeah, I think it was all the plastic surgery that triggered the mental slide - leetle too much anesthetic or something.

Blindfold? Cigarette?

Rush, I know you’ve been married three times, but have you ever had sex with a woman?

Or an adult?

Governor, Mr. Limbaugh,

When are the two of you planning on throwing away all pretense, and just banging?  I know you’re both twitching for Rapturization, that party can’t get started without an anti-Christ, and I want all of your shit.

Thank you.

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