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It’s tough times over at Conservatives4Palin. After telling every living soul they know that Sarah Palin was totally going to be the next president, after horking up the change in their sofa cushions to send to SarahPAC, after browbeating acquaintances about Palin’s dumb books and movies and posting 10,000 breathless speculations about her Big Announcement, they were made to look like fools when the object of their cult-like devotion offhandedly announced that she wasn’t running after all. To assuage that massive butthurt, this weekend they held a healing ceremony called Grizzly Fest to discuss next steps.

All week long they touted this event and hinted that they would be joined by a Very Special Guest. Well, once again, Palin ripped the bearskin rug right out from under them:

We just wanted everyone to know that Governor Palin tried really hard to call into the Grizzly Fest Summit today. Unfortunately, there is an issue with Blog Talk Radio that we didn’t know about previously. Alaskans cannot get through to Blog Talk Radio shows (which is the format we used for Grizzly Fest) using the normal line that those of us in the lower-48 use. Due to technical difficulties, Governor Palin was unable to join us but it wasn’t for lack of trying. As I said, she did try and for a long time I might add.

Huh. Palin doesn’t know anyone in the “Lower 48” who could have conferenced her in? She couldn’t type a question about the alleged “Alaska Only” line into the chat window?

Oh, but she could have totally managed the financial crisis and complex geopolitical landmines as president, you betcha. God, this is even funnier / dumber than the PUMAPAC crew’s inability to orchestrate a pizza delivery back in 2008.

But you know, the sad truth is probably that Palin didn’t really want to talk to the losers she grifted anyway. They didn’t even merit a Facebook or Twitter shout-out. It would be sad if they weren’t such demented, self-deluding troglodytes.

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I read through some of the C4P grizzly fest comments this past weekend. The level of true-believerism is breath taking. It almost feels like performance art. Bad, unpersuasive performance art. (which, if I recall, was most performance art)

Please note that we were able to talk to Chuck Heath Jr. in Alaska because we called him.

And that technique wouldn’t have worked for “the Governor” because?  Oh, right, because she probably didn’t have the slightest awareness that Grizzly Fest (snicker) was even taking place and wouldn’t have cared if she did know.  Palinites you have so royally been had.

And I completely agree with your final sentence.

Alaskans cannot get through to Blog Talk Radio shows

Not sure I believe that. I’ve used BTR before and, as far as I know, there are no restrictions on caller location.  Not to mention the fact that there are BTR shows based in Alaska. Like this one, for example, out of Wasilla, AK.

So, there’s that…

And that technique wouldn’t have worked for “the Governor” because?

I’m guessing they attribute that to the need for Absolute Secrecy. Still, there are plenty of ways around it if she really gave a rat’s ass about calling in. Her brother must have her phone number. He couldn’t conference her in? Jaysus.

I bet if they pony up for an honorarium, she’ll show up next time.

PS: Ripley, that sounds fishy as hell to me too. Weren’t any other Grisly Fest participants from Alaska? Oh yeah—the people who have the most first-hand experience with Quitting Bull decamped long ago, so I guess not…

I thought she’s moved to that drug-lord compound in AZ anyway.

I thought she’s moved to that drug-lord compound in AZ anyway.

Which is why she couldn’t get through from Alaska. Duh. Do keep up! ;O)

Actually, it says “Alaskans cannot get through to Blog Talk Radio shows.” Maybe not location-specific.

How soon before they put on their matching tennis shoes and “hitch a ride” on the Fail-Bopp comet?

Those socks weren’t going to rearrange themselves, you know.

Tom, I shared your Great Pumpkin gibe with my sister and brother-in-law this weekend (we were watching the Charlie Brown DVD and they both hate Palin, so it seemed to make sense). They loved it! Thanks again for braving the fetid cesspool of C4P to leave that (alas, short-lived0 gem.

Isn’t Grisly Fest some sort of Halloweeny-zombie type thing?

Yeah, Alaska is not yet part of the “area code” system, which is socialism anyway.

I looked at some of the sad Grizzly Fest discussion yesterday and I guess the upshot of the conversation with her brother was that he would “talk to her” and try to get her to change her mind.  Yeah, that’ll happen.

So, in stages of grief, sounds like they’re all still in “denial”.  I’m looking forward to “anger” and “bargaining” should be a real hoot.

he would “talk to her” and try to get her to change her mind.

But money is tight so if you’d care to chip in for the phone call, which cost $100/min from Alaska to the lower 48.

Marin, I think they may be able to hang onto “denial” for longer than the average bear. After all, Elizabeth KR didn’t factor “humiliation” into her Stages, and what could be more humiliating than the casual disrespect in the grisly Mom’s lazy, transparent excuses?

There are plenty of BTR shows out of Alaska, like this one: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/alaskaparanormal
(Sorry,on my phone & can’t embed).

Maybe they used their Psychic chops to call in, or maybe they were just able to do it because, you know, it’s the Internet.

She isn’t even trying. She just rolled her eyes, snapped her gum, and said, “‘Cos the phone was like unplugged, ‘kay?”

vb (intr) Informal chiefly Brit
1. (esp of a child) to fret; whine
2. to sulk or grumble
[of Germanic origin; compare Old High German grist-grimmōn gnashing of teeth, German Griesgram unpleasant person]

grizzler  n

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Just sayin’.

Wow.  They are truly pathetic.

So if I was a Brit I could grizzle and gripe?

Jewish Steel, you could also whinge instead of whine.

you could also whinge instead of whine.

Brits stole that off Australians.  They were whiners before they were whingers.

Did they offer to pay her? Because if they had I’m sure she would have happy to spout her gibberish for them

I’m kinda puzzled why she still has a PAC. She’s clearly stated (finally) that she’s not running.

No ruining her complexion by becoming President!

I’m kinda puzzled why she still has a PAC.

Because the Conservatives4Palin still have some change under their sofa cushions.

Governor Palin was unable to join us but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Actually, that’s exactly what it was for. Sucker.

I’m kinda puzzled why she still has a PAC.

The PAC can and has made donations to other campaigns.

I’m looking forward to the end of year filing.

They are now a cargo cult, praying for their tundra goddess to return and drive away the awful libruls.

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