Happy Fair Reflection Day!!!!

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Good vids, all. 

Also, my antivirus software has started seeing infected webpage stuff all over this site, so it reacts everytime I click on a new posting; has something happened that you and the rest should know about?

That was the beginning of the best summer of my life.

PS: No virus alerts here.

Good times, good times.

Look at them now.  A couple or three dozen serial commenters on couple of blogs not quite understanding what has happened to their movement.

What does it say when even the birthers and tea baggers have had ultimately more success than our failfriends could possibly have imagined for themselves.

Every year, they just get funnier. Especially as we’ve watched these spoiled, vengeful naifs turn their superior social skills on each other, with predictable results: a motley assortment of tired, one-note cadenzas being played on bent kazoos to dwindling audiences.

Meanwhile, our jolly little blog just percolates along on its way to ACCESS BLOGDOM.

btw, I’m not getting alerts, either. Though Harriet Christian could conceivably be identified as malware.

“Well I got news for alla you!  McCain will be the next president of the United States!”  Ah, the delightful incoherence and wrongheadedness of Harriett Christian.  Good days, those.  And now I hear people say “are there still PUMAs anymore?”  Arguably there really are not.

Also, my antivirus software has started seeing infected webpage stuff all over this site, so it reacts everytime I click on a new posting

Nope, not running any code scams or anything. Maybe it’s one of Google’s top banner ads. Can you let me know what specific ones you’re getting? I’m not seeing anything from my anti-virus program.

I’m using Antivir, and the page that comes up says “contains recognition pattern of the HTML/infectedWebPageGen HTML script virus”.  Looking at where it sees it leads me to think it is the Google ads, but I can’t be sure.  I’ve had too many virus attacks from websites that take hours to recover from (hubby takes care of it thankfully) so I am just extra jumpy.  So far the Antivir is taking care of business, or perhaps it is being paranoid. 

Funny that when I came back to read today’s writings it didn’t come up for any post newer than this one.  Maybe the ad set changed?

It’s as well to be careful. I’m using Kaspersky here, which is notorious for being neurotically jumpy about false positives, and it hasn’t raised a peep on this blog.

It’s possible this could be an Antivir false positive, in which case I’d hope they’d correct their database in the next update or two.

It could possibly be that you already have a nasty on your system that’s triggering the alert. As a double-check, I’d download and run the Malwarebytes free version—it’s pretty quick to set up, and you can just use it as an on-demand scanner, so it shouldn’t conflict with Antivir. A full scan of your system could take an hour or two, depending on how many files you’ve got on it.

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