Happy Thanksgiving

I guess this is as good (and appropriate) a time as any to brag that I was in Eli Roth’s fake Thanksgiving trailer in the middle of the movie (movies?) Grindhouse directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. I was cast as a “hooligan” during the parade scene and you can see me (wearing sunglasses) for approximately a millisecond right after the long-haired guy yells, “Get out of the way!”  I’m the hooligan who spins the tuba player around. A pivotal scene and expertly executed. Here’s a screencap so you can see how fucking intense I am:

Grindhouse -- Thanksgiving

And here’s a take that didn’t make it into the faux trailer.  You can see me running in from the right in the black jacket and blue jeans. Once again, bathe in the intensity:

And I took the photo below of what I nearly tripped over in the special effects trailer.  I’m putting it after the fold for the benefit of my more sensitive readers. I hope your turkey looks a lot better than this one:


Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: Here’s an embedded version of the trailer if you don’t want to click-through to the hi-res version…

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Kevin, that so rocks that you were in that.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Very fucking intense, indeed.  Wasn’t that filmed in the Czech Republic?  I thought you lived in Brooklyn. How did you land that gig?

The trailers were the best part about Grindhouse.  I know they weren’t on the Death Proof DVD.  Did they make it onto Planet Terror?

Hey Creeper, regarding your question, my wife and I were visiting a friend in Prague who was working on Hostel II. The Hostel crew was really nice, including Eli Roth, who went out of his way to introduce us to his brother when we were all out drinking in a bar on our fitst night in Prague.

We went with our friend to watch the filming of the trailer for Grindhouse in a small Czech town about an hour outside of Prague.  It was surreal seeing all of these Czech people dressed up as pilgrims and waving US flags.  Mike, one of the special effects guys—he’s the “long-haired” guy mentioned above, grabbed me and wanted to know if I wanted to be one of the hooligans.  The rest is history.

It was a really fun day.

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