Have a Safe and Happy New Year Celebration

I emphasize “safe” because holidays tend to emphasize alcohol and too much alcohol decreases safe behavior.  A year ago tomorrow, Denver Broncos player Darrent Williams was shot to death as he left a Denver nightclub after members of his party had engaged in alcohol fueled verbal altercations inside the club with known gang members.  Less publicized, but no less important, are the assaults on non-celebrities and incidents of domestic violence which do tend to increase around holidays.

Since Darragh Murphy has been centering a lot of her posts at PUMAPac lately around “woman lynching”, apparently her term for any number of physical assaults on women although possibly just women who are murdered, it might be edifying to discuss some actual statistics and facts concerning domestic violence.  For instance her post today claims that “woman lynching” is up 42% since 2005.  Her cite for this statement, which is the Bureau of Justice Statistics National Crime Victimization Survery in fact says no such thing.  The survey does not even address murder except to note that murder rates, like all violent crime in the country, have actually decreased since the Bureau began making its surveys in 1998.  The survey does not address murder because it is based on interviews with victims and you can’t , unfortunately, interview someone who’s been murdered.  However statistics provided by NOW indicate approximately 1,400 women per year die as a result of domestic violence (and definitely that’s 1,400 too many).

The Bureau of Justice Survey does report on incidents of assault and sexual assault.  The survey compares 2007 rates to 2006 and 2005.  I tried every which way to come up with Darragh’s report of a 42% increase but could not.  There was a statistically insignificant increase in the incidence of sexual assault from .08% to .1% from 2005 to 2007.  Rates from 2006 to 2007 declined.  And, as is frequently reported, the majority of assaults on women are committed by men they know.  However, and without minimizing for a second the seriousness of sexual assault, or any kind of assault, and certainly not murder, let’s look at what this means.

Based on the incidents of sexual assault reported for 2007 of approximately 248,000 which results in about a .1% chance of being sexually assaulted, the incidence of being murdered by a husband or boyfriend (based on approximately 1,400 per year) are enormously smaller.  Adding in incidents of aggravated and simple assault, and assuming all assaults on women are related to domestic violence (which is not true, but let’s come up with a worst case scenario here) adds about a 1.5% chance of being other than sexually assaulted due to domestic violence.

So, Darragh and fellow lunatics, for every 1.6% of males out there assaulting women, 98.4% of males are not!  In fact they are just out there being good husbands, good partners, good fathers, good sons, good brothers, good nephews, good uncles, good friends, and on and on.  So until you at least try and get some of your facts straight on this whole, very complex, subject, why don’t you all just STFU,  quit calling on people to buy guns and quit relating your lurid castration fantasies, so the rest of us can have a Happy New Year!

But as I said before, domestic violence is still a serious problem and not to be taken lightly.  After the fold, some resources to use if anyone you know may be in an abusive relationship and needs some help.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides information and resources both through its website and a toll free number - 1-800-799-SAFE.  They are there 24/7 and have translators available speaking over 170 languages.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a Violence Against Women website which provides lots of information, including legal and mental health resources, and has links by states to local resources.

Again, be safe guys.  Don’t let anyone hurt anyone else and for pete’s sake don’t hurt yourselves!  And have a great time too!

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And on another note, please take a minute and check to see if you have 20-25 bucks to donate to a local women’s shelter. It doesn’t seem like much, until you realize that 100 other people already have donated and all of the sudden the bucks start to pile up.

Also, as we head into the new year, please be reminded that food pantry’s and other services that help our neediest neighbors are also hurting and hurting badly. Try and buy some canned goods or non-perishable items to donate, there are plenty of hungry, cold, lonely, homeless folks who just need a helping hand.

My latest tale—I moved from my country location back into the downtown area here two weeks ago. On the second night I met Herbert, a fellow who was diligently going through the dumpster at our apartment building as I leaned out my kitchen window smoking a cigarette.

I introduced myself that night and hadn’t seen Herbert since, but on Sunday, as I came home from watching the Eagles win, I spotted Herbert again, this time wandering the streets during a horrific downpour. I asked him to come to the apartment where I had set aside a warm jacket I no longer wear along with a sweater and a wool cap.

He was pleased with the clothing, but even more pleased that when I stopped my car and called out, I had remembered his name.

I’m not beating my own drum here, it’s just that there are plenty of folks who need our help and even for a guy like me, who makes do on about 12 bucks a week in discretionary spending, we can always do a little something to help our brothers and sisters.

Happy New Year, from me and from Herbert.

From the report:


Comment by Tom65 on 12/30/08 at 08:09 PM

Very good points HB and I totally agree - donating even a small amount to worthwhile organizations helps a lot because all those small amounts do add up!

Well, marindenver, you just did more to raise awareness of the world around you than 1000 PUMA posts.


I tried every which way to come up with Darragh’s report of a 42% increase but could not.

Obviously you used woman hating, phallocentric math.

Here’s the thing, a 42% jump would have been all over the news, it would still be on the news. I’m not saying that bloggers don’t occasionally stumble across some fact everyone else has missed, but a 42% jump in violent crimes?


Sorry, even though I know B.Admin cooks its stats, there’s no way they a) Buried this stat and/or b) Accidentally released it but in such a way only Darraaaaargh could spot it.

HTP—In honor of the incredible girl-on-girl slap-fest that’s happening at PUMApac tonight, and Taggles’ nervous breakdown over it on BlogTalkRadio, I’d just like to say that I resent what you just typed, and I’m leaving Rumproast forever!

Good night!

I think I remember reading something about how they’d redone their reporting methodology and thus sexual assault rates are now retroactively 40% (or thereabouts) higher.  Which of course does not say anything about an increase in incidence, only reporting, but I wouldn’t expect Darrrrrrrrrrgh to comprehend that.

Funkula—I suspect Darragh gets confused between “half-off,” “two-for-one” and “BOGO.”

HTP—In honor of the incredible girl-on-girl slap-fest that’s happening at PUMApac tonight, and Taggles’ nervous breakdown over it on BlogTalkRadio, I’d just like to say that I resent what you just typed, and I’m leaving Rumproast forever!

Good night!

Strange, you get back here this instant! I need to be even more resentful at your resentment and preempt your huffy departure by departing in an even bigger huff!

I’m not saying that bloggers don’t occasionally stumble across some fact everyone else has missed, but a 42% jump in violent crimes?

HTP - exactly.  Another website was reporting this number and linking to the same source and I think Darragh just appropriated it.  But there was nothing in the actual, you know, data, that supported this.  But why would Darragh waste her time reading when she could be inciting?

And, just for the record, I am now departing in a giant hissy fit forever, never to return.  Well, or not tonight anyway, as it’s basically my bedtime.

HTP—I broke off our contentious flame-war the other day because I felt it was damaging my aura. I had to spend 48 hours in an Orgone Box listening to the Guyuto Monks doing cover versions of Sam & Dave hits just to rebalance my chi.

I will NOT be baited into another confrontation. Rather, I will use my +7 +2 Helmet of Introspection to transform your resentment into a Class 3 Spell of Thinning Crown Hair Re-Growth. 

And, no, you’re NOT departing—I’ve already BANISHED you! HA!

Geez Louise does everybody have to get their utricles in an uproar?

Some of the PUMAs just can’t stop themselves from attacking ##### of PUMAPAC, she having an “exotic” unAmerican obviously-undercover-Islamey Obamesque sort of name. They’re like white blood cells running amok. Call it Pumakemia.

##### has sometimes offered a view of muslims that isn’t entirely derogatory, so tonight she’s being called “an islam”: Sisterhood is powerful, but stupid is all-powerful.

##### actually provided a link to something pretty good: a UN-connected site :http://www.freerice.com/index.php

I already checked it out and it’s legit: it’s a vocabulary game, and sponsors donate rice for every word the player gets right, as their ad appears at the bottom of the screen. I was sucked in immediately, and now someone across the world is getting a few thousand grains of rice, and I know what “swarf” is.

Mr. Polly and I will be staying in tomorrow with our surly diabetic cat, a pitcher of phoney-baloney eggless, sugarless, dairyless nogless nog, playing the rice game and wishing you all a healthy happy New Year without Jumbies. Jumbies? Jumbies (previous thread, now hopelessly unraveled).

Just be sure to have some black-eyed peas to keep the Jumbies away. Happy et cetera.

LMAO!  Both from the comments here and the latest daily meltdowns of the sad sacks at pumapac.

What I don’t get is why none of them ever criticize their most foul member - jenniferforhillary.  I mean, all they ever do is pour praise on her…I think they are really just totally in fear of her…or in fear that she’s such an overwound cuckoo clock, that she’ll pop a spring and get all Branch Davidian or something.

HTP, I’m not leaving in a huff! I’m leaving in a minute and a huff!

(Which reminds me of babysitting on New Year’s Eve as a teenager, when WGN would run back-to-back screenings of Marx Bros. and Fred and Ginger. All that, and time and a half, too!)

Happy Gnu Year To All!

I will NOT be baited into another confrontation. Rather, I will use my +7 +2 Helmet of Introspection to transform your resentment into a Class 3 Spell of Thinning Crown Hair Re-Growth.

Well I just rolled a 20 on my nine-sided die of dick-smacking and deflected your huffiness into a Class 7 Spell of “Don’t worry it happens to all of us”!

But why am I talking to you. You’ve shown your true colors and devotion to the cause* by RUNNING AWAY. Ha ha I win, everyone must bow down to ME!

*Whatever it is/was/will be.

The world is a very depressing place.

I basically give my entire (pitiful) earnings to a couple dozen charities every year, for things like education, healthcare, helping abused women and children, helping people get back to work, curing cancer, etc., and yet it never seems like enough.

If only people would be good and kind to one another…

Hate New Year’s Eve. Won’t go out. Instead we invite over some of my daughter’s friends to spend the night here. They usually stay up later than we do—and are happy to bask in the glow of the new year together. Very sweet.

HTP, you and Strange are going to have to step up the outrage and double your doses of HGH to keep up with the Big Puddy Tats, who last night were running three different hissing contests:

1. KarenWi vs #####: Karen objects to how Islamic PUMAPAC is getting since it fell under the spell of “#####, who is Islam”. (#####: “My pastor would laugh at that,lol”)

2. DanceswithPumas vs Goofsmom, whose husband is some sort of loutish talk show host:

DancesWithPumas 12.30.08 at 8:48 pm
Both of his examples give the impression that only males are patriots. That women are just standing by along teh sidelines, or behind the bleechers (waiting for somne dumbass jock to make her do her “homework”…as if.)
Between those comments and teh liberal bashing, I won’t be back… but more so for the sexist comments.
goofsmom 12.30.08 at 8:55 pm
That is good input for Goofsdad and I will tell him… He would not want to cut off a large portion of potential listeners… No excuses for him…
He is in talks with a couple of hosts that will be talking about women’s equality…
DancesWithPumas 12.30.08 at 9:03 pm
He would not want to cut off a large portion of potential listeners
Of course not. Being inclusive and respectful of women, in and of itself would never be enough, like most pricks. But as long as it helps his ventures… why, of course. How on earth can he be in talks with “women’s equality” hosts, when, he himself doesnt have a clue?
Rhetorical question, no need to respond.

Naturally, Goofsmom responds—-by threatening to leave the blog. Many remonstrations, pleadings, attacks and counterattacks,  even on the sacred person of Murphy, follow in a dazzling steel-cage free-for-all. DWP is given this heart-warming encomium: “Although I’m not a big fan of her personality and feel sorry for her, alot, I gotta cut someone some slack who has just found out their sight is challenged.”

The compassionate reply is that DWP’s cataracts are too treatable to be REALLY impressive.

So the Katz are actually trying to one-up each other in competitive blindness.

Finally, we have the main attraction? as always, JenniforHillary, this time on the subject of Al Franken:

Also, FOR THE FUCKING RECORD–AL FRANKEN is A BIGGER PIG than BLAHBLAH please pumas read the NEWS….NO PUMA can suport Al Franken…he basically called Hillary a histerical cunt and her supporters the same for 1 year on AIR AMERICA….AL FRANKEN should have his pencil penis removed sans pain medicine and left to bleed to death (does that say enough)….

That actually caused another PUMA to scrape together the remains of her gray cells and try to martial a logical argument against jenni:

PhillyPUMA 12.30.08 at 4:59 pm
...Jenni, that’s totally not a fair characterization. I value your opinions here a lot, more than many opinions here, but I don’t understand your anger at Franken. I think it’s misplaced. I think that Bill O’reilly and Rush Limbaugh have done more to setback womens rights than almost any other two men in media (yes, even more than chris matthews and keith olberman.) The fact that Franken stood up to those pigs when so many other Democrats were rolling over is a major plus for me.
Remember Rush limbaugh’s funny joke from 1993? “The Clintons are getting a white house cat. Of course, they already have a white house dog.” And then he showed a picture of the beautiful 13 year old Chelsea CLinton. Al Franken never let him ignore that, even when so many other people do.
Up with Franken! Up with women! Up with PUMA!

jenniforhillary 12.30.08 at 5:02 pm
NOPE. Al Franken is 1 MILLIONS TIMES WORSE….because he is a DEMOCRAT. HE IS BIG PIECE OF FUCKING FILTH. GO BACK AND LISTEN TO AIR AMERICA FOR THE LAST YEAR….AL FRANKEN made fun of Hillary, denigrated her, denigrated her followers, and LOVES BO. Need say more…
PhillyPUMA 12.30.08 at 5:12 pm
Jenni, Franken quit the radio show in february of 2007. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’d aprpeciate some examples. I know his jokes can get borderline (the Christy Harvey swooning was a little much, in my opinion), but you can’t possibly think that Franken is a bigger misogynist than Oreilly or Limbaugh.
And doesn’t he get creidt for fighting them when others wanted to acquiesce?
jenniforhillary 12.30.08 at 6:50 pm
Philly….I don’t have time to go back and get quotes, but I can promise you that he was worse than Limbaugh. Also, remember that he loves liberalism but hates women. This makes him more of an enemy to me than Limbaugh. This is why we lost, this is why women are at the bottom of the heap….

So THAT’s why.

This was an exhausting night for everybody, forcing Murphy to post a thread entirely for make-up brackety cyber-hugs (((faux closeness))).

But jenni4hill has more on her mind than just her usual dismemberment fantasies:

NOTE: Look on the news and see if you all see any coverage of a pro-palestine vs. pro-israeli protest going on right NOW in Houston texas…over one bridge is pro-hamas over another pro-israel. I got into it because I went over to BOTH of them and yelled about BO. I told the pro-Israel people that if you voted for BO you need to go to the other bridge, and I told the pro-palestine people to go to hell.

Well, that certainly settled their hash.

Perhaps PUMA should have a graphic to indicate hostility. It would certainly save time. Something aggressive and male:

although Puma (((misandry))) a whole lot!
But Strange and HTP, you are going to have to work a lot harder for the Benny/Allen great feud award: when it comes to crazy, PUMAs lap the field.

Mrs. Polly: Even though I am personally repelled by HTP and his obvious “Mommy” issues, he and I have been on this blog ever since Kevin started it in October. Collectively, we have contributed hundreds of hours to this site and many thoughtful comments, often to the detriment of work, health and sleep.

I can’t help but notice that, lately, we “old-timers” are being outnumbered by snarky provocateurs and bomb-throwers who hijack whole threads by posting snide criticisms of other ‘Roasters and then excerpting endless passages of mindless PUMA chat to prove they’re really “one of us.” And to them I say, “You’re not fooling anyone.”

HTP and I have already left in frustration, as has marindenver (just a few posts above)...so you may have to find another site to sow your seeds of malcontentism and “divideology” (MY word, so don’t you DARE use it).

I can already foresee the day when every third post here is from some Rumproast equivalent of turnownobama, notyoursweetie or HeidiLi, gleefully trying to cannibalize our fractured membership for their own blogs, under the guise of “helping” Kevin K. and “keeping the movement united.”

I don’t know what happened to us, or the camaraderie we used to share. But some days, it’s all I can do just to wolf down Darvocets and weep into my flocked pillow.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I will not attack HTP more fiercely just to entertain you. If I attack him at all, it will be because he is a gutless worm and a bedwetter.

As for DWP, cry me a river. Cataracts are NOTHING compared to what KarenWI is going through right now, in gag-inducing moment-to-moment updates.

Happy New Year, and goodbye…again.


I’m tired of being manipulated by people threatening to leave this forum.

If you can’t remember that the personal is political and the political is rising ascendant over Venus with Capricorn bring up the rear, then I might remind you that your outburst do nothing to further our cause - whatever that is today.

Maybe it would be best for you to take a break for awhile, do a spa day and return when you’re in a better frame of mind.

gimmebreak—In the words of Margot Kidder, “You could use a tuck here and there yourself, sister.”

Shut up.

we are all at different points along the path. turning around and shooting at another woman on the road is not a good plan, unless it’s Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Randi Rhodes, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy, Claire McCaskill, Rachel Maddow or any other woman who didn’t support Hillary. Neither is shooting a woman ahead of you in the back a good idea, unless it’s Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi, Randi Rhodes, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy, Claire McCaskill, Rachel Maddow or any other woman who didn’t support Hillary.

as i said earlier in all seriousness, the Way of the Puma is very difficult.

which is why Rumproast Comment of the Year is posted,

take it upstairs!

I have to wear readers.  Is that as bad as cataracts?

Oh, my, Darragh’s latest challenge…she will need to file electronically:


Comment by sunkawakan on 12/31/08 at 12:03 PM

“teh sidelines”?!  Does anyone still write “teh” as a legitimate typo?  Man, these people have all the Internet Clue of my grandma.

marindenver—yes.  It is teh bad as.

Apologies to everyone. Prednisone + Vat69 making me a little edgy.


If yall get tired of PUMAs, there is a new Sarah Palin cult forming.

Join the PALIBAN They have a wonderful discussion forum, too.

Oh, my, Darragh’s latest challenge…she will need to file electronically:


The FEC were REALLY stupid giving out their phone numbers. They obviously don’t understand who they’re messing with here.

Still, that saves Murphy the bother of racking what’s left of her rum-sozzled brains for the New Year Prowl (roooarrr *hiccup*).


I thoroughly enjoyed the Paliban.org web site.  Since I live in the south, I shall order “Theocracy Now—Palin 2012” bumper stickers for officers of the GOP party in the county in which I live, to go with the White Power T-Shirts that I ordered each of them from the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Scooter -

Thanks for the Paliban link!  Whoever created that site is a master of brilliant sarcasm!  I got a huge kick out of their dry wit and reading the comments, showing which people were “in on the joke” and which thought it was for real.

...I hope that site stays around for as long as we have to put up with Palin as a reminder of just how kooky her belief system is.

Today is the first time I’ve come into this site and definitely need some orientation. I’ve been seeing you all referred to at a couple of PUMA sites and became curious.

So I’m a newbie and this is a sincere question:

Why do you feel that so many men feel justified in using sexual imagery and language as a way of demeaning women engaged in political discourse?

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