He Hate Thee


This weekend, Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson dropped a pass that would have resulted in a game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Steelers. He blamed God:


That’s kind of refreshing since athletes like to credit Jesus for wins; shouldn’t He get the blame for losses too? However, after getting raked over the coals all over Twitter, Johnson issued a clarification:


As a young fellow, Johnson can be forgiven for not knowing this, but he really should be blaming an even Higher Power:

The truth is out there, Stevie…

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He’s right. Any time the Steelers DON’T lose a game they’ve dominated for three quarters in the final 1:30 or the first 3:00 of OT, it IS a fucking act of God.

Yes, the Almighty Father has nothing better to do than officiate the NFL.

I’m totally impressed that you found that little snip from the X-files.

I’m surprised he didn’t blame the Obama administration for dropping the ball.

Nellcote, I’m not a Bills fan, but my husband grew up in Buffalo, and I’ll never forget the dawning realization on his face when we watched that episode…suddenly, it all made sense to him.

Shorter Stevie Johnson: 

Matthew 27:46

@Allan—Don’t forget Ecclesiastes 9:11.

It’s dead-on appropriate AND it’s got “9:11” in it!

I’m just happy to see some religious consistency out of athletes.

Dear Steve -

I had Pittsburgh plus 3, so consider yourself lucky. By the way, you are SO off my fantasy team next year.




Hang on to the ball next time asshole.


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