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gee, your flag smells terrific

The Daily Caller has finally done something for me other than conjure up an image of Tucker Carlson showing up at the door night after night with a bouquet of flowers and hopes of courtship. The name also makes me think of those assholes at Discover Card. I WAS ONLY USING YOU TO BUILD CREDIT, THERE IS NO US.

The Daily Caller has given me that greatest of gifts, the chance to indulge in music snobbery. No small feat considering I think “Ride Like the Wind” kicks ass unironically, Christopher Cross’s claim of being the son of a lawless man notwithstanding (white collar criminal I’d buy—that would explain the sailboat—but why bring it up if he’s not who you got the gun from, Chris?). And since I refuse to delve deep enough into Nickelback’s catalog to form an opinion on that halftime petition thing, I need this. I won’t be able to look down my nose at anything once this Van Dyke goes from salt & pepper to flat gray; I’ll have to settle for looking askance at things, assuming the ear-hair situation remains manageable.

If you’re a conservative or tea partier or libertarian or war veteran who lies awake at night wondering why there’s no band out there that really understands you, The Daily Caller has you covered.

Crying into your pillow: So fucking metal.

Anyway, meet Madison Rising. Jeez, guys, half the fun of being in a rock band is coming up with the name, way to whiff. Is there an antonym for “evocative?”

HEDGE-BETTING: They’ve also got a song called “In The Days That Reagan Ruled,” which, in addition to denoting maybe not the firmest grasp on the concept of representative democracy, makes me think there’s a chance this is deep-cover parody, but nah, they would’ve slapped some umlauts on there if that were the case.

Bray [I probably should’ve mentioned that the lead singer’s last name is Bray, because that’s like the best part.—ed.] isn’t a big fan of liberalism in general.

“Liberalism actually in my opinion is just an incapability to process capitalism and the truth and what needs to happen,” he said.

They “might say to themselves oh but lets worry about the caribou migration instead of worrying about the human beings on this planet that don’t have jobs and our [sic] worried about their next meal,” he went on.

“The caribou will be fine. Let’s worry about … people.”

BONUS READER PARTICIPATION, BECAUSE RUMPROAST IS AN INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCE: Let’s play fill in the ellipsis! Or, rather, what I prefer to think of as an ellipsis. Looking at it now it’s probably just a transcribed pause, but I already came up with “implementing a safe outpatient procedure by which we can transplant their antlers onto.” You can beat that, can’t you, readers? Winner gets to lord it over the other commenter who bothered, should there be one.

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“what happens when the caribou develop a taste for”

“...the ultra-wealthy getting, at last, the opportunity to keep all they have, because they earned it,”

I was gonna give it to SOAS but then I looked twice and realized Mr. W didn’t foul after all. One gets a point for making me think of carnivorous elk and one gets a point deducted for quite literally beating me at my own game.

This is still wide open, people!

Ooh, there can never be enough Reagan worship. I’m totally there.  Need to start from scratch though.

I’m no musician - many years ago I could make the dog howl to a harmonica, but I don’t think that counts - but I’m thinking good ol’ American C&W works here, something that starts like this:

Ah’m baking a cake for th’ Iraaaayyynianssss…♪
With frostin’ red, whaaahhht and blue,
that tastes like freeeeedommm…♫

Needs more work, I’ll admit, but seems like a good start.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 12/05/11 at 12:44 AM

“the hard working men and women of Wall Street and the NYPD and the FDNY”

Bray and Klein seem to think that the people mentioned above are volunteers of some sort. Something else I learned, OWS is responsible for permits allowing jingo bands to play at Zucotti Park.

Dude loves his government chain of command.

Also, “...poop all over cop cars…”

Comment by notjenna on 12/05/11 at 01:35 AM

“...people who think I’m a douche and think my music sucks.  You know, normal…”

“Republicans and normal”

Oh great, another Lee Greenwood.

“rich white…”




Let’s worry about “how to sell Feudalism to sane” people.

Honestly, the carnivorous caribou line is unbeatable.

I dunno, I’m leaning to Mr. Wonderful’s entry as being, well, wonderful…

Hey, why did that guy in the picture at the top let someone draw all over him with a Magic Marker?  Looks weird. 

OMG, he’s gonna use that flag to wipe it off!1111!11

“Liberalism actually in my opinion is just an incapability to process capitalism and the truth and what needs to happen”

Pocketing large sums of money for not very socially useful work used to leave me feeling gassy and bloated.  But ever since I started taking capitalase, I can enjoy as much capitalism and the truth and what needs to happen as I want and not get the shits!

Oh, my.  They took the douchey template established by the likes of Creed and Nickelback and added a sprinkle of ‘lack of talent’.  Just… No.

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