Headline FAIL


Did you know Joe Biden writes for The New Agenda blog? I bet he would be surprised by it too, especially with that flaming example of headline FAIL attached to “his” post.

Or maybe it’s not headline FAIL. It’s hard to believe anyone could be so obtuse as to accidentally pair that photo with that headline.


And make a special “get it up” image to go along with the article:


And, when a commenter said, “I know you don’t mean to slur Mr. Biden, but that headline of yours needs a lot of help,” lamely admit that “okay maybe that headline was a little obscure” [ed – I do not think that word means what you think it means…] but let it stand.

Biden said a lot about the scourge of domestic violence in that piece. Was “get it up” really the key message? Maybe if, on your planet, Biden is chiefly an associate of The Hillary Usurper and an erstwhile foe of Our Lady of Wasilla it does. The New Agenda? Ye Olde PUMA. Same as it ever was.

PS: Why does “The New Agenda” put “feminism” in “quotes” in its “tagline”?

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Speaking of which, Rachel Weiner has a post on yesterday’s WH confab with LGBT leadership titled “Obama: Gays Will Be Pleased By End of My Administration.”

So the clever headliners at HP have titled the front-page teaser that links to the story:

Obama Responds to Gay Anger:
You’ll Be Happy in the End

Stay classy, Arianna!

Oh, and Betty: my favorite quotation mark-addicts are Donald Wildmon and his Evangelibanistanian posse over at OneNewsNow.

I’m on their daily email blast just for shits and giggles, and every second or third word in every headline and every story is in quotation marks, just to make it transparently clear to even the mildly retarded, i.e. typical OneNewsNow reader, that we Jesus Teabaggers don’t buy this commie liberal PC crap about “gay” “tolerance” “diversity” “global warming” “objective reality” etc.

PS: Why does “The New Agenda” put “feminism” in “quotes” in its “tagline”?

That’s the special Instant Idiot Alert feature. Nifty, no?

I would actually promote this to “Full Blog Post FAIL” myself. I’m really having trouble figuring out whether this is the result of sustained clinical-level obtuseness or an attempt at blunt-object satire. Either way it’s kind of like watching a multi-car pileup in slow motion.

Perhaps they consulted rhetorican, with his fifteen years of marketing experience. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s how to write an attention-getting headline.

Perhaps he should consult the NAG; adding their Erection-reference technique would make two things he knows. That’s double the knowledge!

OT, but I just wanna say that Senator Franken has a melodious ring to it.

I see the same bunch that stole the govenors
race in washington are the same ones that
stole the MINN.race,when are we going to stop the thieves??

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