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Unsurprisingly, it comes from Jim Newell:

Historic Washington Teabagging Party: There Were Poop Hats

Man and I thought the “DRILL HERE” hard hats were the dumbest headwear wingnuts could possibly come up with…


Posted by Kevin K. on 02/27/09 at 03:56 PM • Permalink

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Love the pic of Malkin with the bitter beer face.

It looks like, as usual, the whole thing degenerated into a contest to see who could out-lame the other, with the Malkinites (and PUMAs?) competing with the Paultards.

Lovely people.

Meanwhile, after Michael Steele’s address the always-lovely Michele Bachmann (Wingut-Minnesota) acclaimed his speech by shouting:

Michael Steele!  You be da man!  You be da man!

This must be part of the new, improved hip-hop Republicanism that the young people are craving.

I can’t wait for Bitchmistress MB and her NWA (Nazis With Attitude) to release a rap album…

I’m from Minnesota where we know ‘bout chillin’,
And Obama is a Muslim and I really wanna kill’im

According to their own logic they are losers because they are unemployed and can attend such an event at 12 noon on a Friday.

If you follow one of the wonkette links, there is also a picture of a very bored/confused Joe the Plumber.

My vote for quote of the day:

I can’t wait for Bitchmistress MB and her NWA (Nazis With Attitude) to release a rap album…

Man. Do you think they have any idea how lame they are?

And in picture 4 that guy in the white hat looks waaaaay too interested in the little boy holding the sign that encourages teabagging.

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