Heh, The Obrewercare Edition

Because He Was Too Busy Threatening You?

Ever since Battlin’ Jan Brewer refused to sign any more legislation until Arizona passed the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion, Arizona Teapublicans feel like they’ve been punched in the gut!  More like jabbed in the ribs by a governor who knows how to read financial reports, which, like reality, tend to have an anti-Tea bias.  Welcome to the RINOdome, Governor! It’s beginning to look like at at least some Red State executive branches aren’t entirely drowning in tea.

Or tasty, full-bodied ambition.

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 06/13/13 at 02:11 PM • Permalink

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I’m ashamed to admit that Brewer is from the same profession as I am.  Considering how conservative most dentists are, it doesn’t surprise me that she’s as whack as she is.  What does surprise me is how we RDH’s are usually self-selected as people who want to help others, especially those who can’t afford care.  Hey, wait; maybe her training from so long ago finally kicked in and she actually wants to help the poor?  I guess stranger things have happened.

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