Hell, no, we won’t go

Betty Cracker is covering yesterday’s NYC “Protest Against Media Bias, Hate Speech, Political Analysis, Fox News Bashing, Cat Dander Discrimination & Voter Suppression!!!” rally and she chided me in the comments here to join her. So let’s have at it before I venture out to enjoy this semi-beautiful Brooklyn day….

Long story short, they were supposed to have thousands and thousands of Hillary supporters who were “mad as hell” descend on Rockefeller Plaza and all they got was this (lots of photos of penned-up frustration). The only person from the media who showed up to cover it was the the Hillshill’s new BFF Bill O’Reilly and even his producers thought it was too much of a yawn fest to air last night, despite the predominant number of signs bashing O’Reilly’s arch nemesis Keith Olbermann and the MSNBC network. Pretty. Fucking. Sad.

And can anyone tell me what the “H*** AND B*** ARE 4 letter words” signs  are supposed to mean?  Is that Hill and Bill?  Hope and ‘Bama?  Hair and Ball? Please submit guesses in comments. The more idiotic the better.

I’m also not too clear as to what message is trying to be conveyed by this sign either, though it’s a little disturbing to see that Valerie Bertinelli’s much-ballyhooed diet is causing her to shrink vertically in size as well. Jenny Craig, building a land of lilliputians one chicken carbonara at a time.

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Guess what excuse the Hillarities are using for the low turnout at the protest?

Hillary supporters have jobs and ives

Gee, where have I heard that before?

Comment by Roger on 04/12/08 at 12:55 PM

Looks like they had more signs than they did supporters. There are many photos of the same people taken from different locations to make it look like there were lots of people. Sad.

I suppose H-A-T-E and B-I-A-S were too difficult to spell out on the signs. I think H-I-L-L and B-I-L-L are the better choice anyhow. W-A-R and L-I-E are three letter words, but Hillary doesn’t seem to want to promote her association with them. Huh.

Good lord, what is it with the barriers? Obviously, if there were hundreds of people, it wouldn’t look so bad, but with only a couple dozen, it makes them look like an exhibit. Or performance art.

Or caged animals. How humiliating!

Oh geez. The fenced in 20 something protest numbers reminds me of the scene in Arrested Development where the anti war protesters are all shuffled into the designated protest area (a cage) and hosed with water.

I think my favourite is the “philly crew!”, can two people be considered a crew?

Rock the vote!!

Home Boys?
Hell Bats?
Hick Bums?
Hill Bump?

Since when was Keith Olbermann misogynist, anyways?  Is it simply because he’s been critical of Hillary?

tas, that’s pretty much it.  Someone on that MyDD thread Roger linked to was asking repeatedly for proof of misogyny and never got an answer.

Bravo for breaking your inexcusable silence on this important rally, lol. And what is up with the shrinking Bertinelli anyway? Did Jenny Craig have a similar effect on Kirstie Alley? JG just might save the world at this rate: smaller, skinnier people would consume fewer resources. Suck on that, Al Gore!

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