“Hell, No, We Won’t Go” Redux

The media is totally buying into the bullshit that the “Count Every Sour Grape!” rally in DC tomorrow is going to be a well-attended and cataclysmic political event worthy of excessive coverage. Political neophyte and professional drool cup model Cristi “Fatloss Forever” Adkins claims in the interview above that “10,000 marchers” are expected to turn out tomorrow to stomp their feet and demand that Hillary be anointed the nominee “JUST BECAUSE!!!!” Cristi also wrote a press release for the event, but unfortunately free-press-release.com converted the text to HTML so that you can’t see how many different crayon colors she used while writing it:

On August 26, 1920 Women Ended Their Suffrage & Won the Right to Vote…some of those women born before given the right to vote still live. They live in Florida; they live in Michigan; they live to have their voices heard before they no longer live…

“We march for those who cannot march for themselves. We march for those who have been… Punched when their [sic] down, told to go home and voices suppressed, betrayed by their peers, bullied out of their life’s work, fighting for the weaker who have no voice, For those whose voices need to be heard, WE MARCH.” [...]

This march is sure to generate buzz as the organizers intend to send Bologna sandwiches to the DNC rules committee to let them know that not seating Michigan and Florida is Bologna. The marchers will also send Lemon-Aid to demonstrate the sour taste left in their mouths because of the injustice in Florida and Michigan. And, their [sic] are hints of parading a live donkey as a display of the A__ __ the DNC will be should they not seat those two states.

Oh my.  Thanks to Cristi I just coined a new term.  That’s not a press release, that’s a mess release. What a disaster.

Now getting back to her prediction of 10,000 marchers and “a live donkey” descending on DC armed with trays of “Balogna sandwiches” and “Lemon-Aid,” let’s remember the last rally the Hillshills threw in support of their candidate back in April. We were promised thousands of protesters who were going to descend on Rockefeller Center here in NYC to protest media bias against Clinton and all we got was the saddest petting zoo ever. Looking around the various pro-Hillary blogs and forums I’m not seeing a lot of enthusiasm for tomorrow’s rally, so my prediction is they’ll be lucky to get a thousand people tops and that’s only because some wealthy Hillary backers are bankrolling bus rides to the event. If it wasn’t for that, they’d be lucky to get a couple hundred.

As an added bonus, I’m going to conclude by posting a training video the rally organizers have been distributing to potential participants to get them ready for tomorrow.  Enjoy:

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There’s also talk of Hillary riding into the city on an ass.  And, lo, the people will lay palm fronds before her and rejoice and her name will be shouted unto the heavens. 

And bologna?  WTF?  These people must be stoned to bejeebus when they plan their events. And write their press releases.  It’s almost embarrassing.

I agree with everything you wrote except for one thing, Ripley ... it is embarrassing.  There’s nothing “almost” about it.

And I see that Ricki Lieberman is heading this thing up, which means it will truly be a testament to white, hard-working, white voters. 

In fact, Ricki is such a fan of white, hard-working, white voters that she’ll let them rent her summer home at Cape Cod for only $2,000/week.  You won’t find any elitist Obama supporters reaching out to voters like that.

(Coincidentally, there’s an Owner’s Special for weeks in May and June.  I’m sure that was an unexpected change in her calendar.)

Here’s the property listing, if you’re curious.

Comment by Ripley on 05/30/08 at 03:09 PM

Yeah, apparently she’s filthy rich.  I found that out after I called her out for spamming me back in February.

That press release isn’t real, is it?

Yes, it’s real.

Holy crap. Women ‘ended their suffrage.’ Does she even KNOW what that word means? And these people claim to be smart?

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