Help Pee-Wee Find His Bicycle!

He has photos. He has charts. He has scale models. He has 217 pieces of evidence in a cardboard box. But what does it all mean? And who’s behind it?

Pee-Wee has no fucking idea. But he’s counting on you to help him!

(This is now officially the second-greatest paranoid crack-up I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Posted in honor of Pee-Wee’s recent return to live theater, his new iPad video at and his sublime puppet show on the penultimate episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Also, because paranoia just never stops being funny, which is why God made Orly Taitz and TimeCube.)

[For Mrs. Polly, NickT and all the gang at Wardenclyffe]

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Sorry for the buzzkill...

Comment by Oblomova on 01/30/10 at 01:37 PM

Yikes. That’s sad.

I never watched Buffy —it was a TV show for wankers and emo shut-ins. But I still can’t throw out that old copy of Rolling Stone with the smokin’ Sarah Gellar pic on the cover. Hubba-hubba, ooblay-koo!

This is from the original film version, which is generally reviled by the faithful, except for Paul Reubens’ drama-queen extended death sequence.

Hey, why isn’t Glenn Beck on the list of paranoid whackjobs? Looks like you’re trying to protect Glenn Beck.

Has anyone ever seen Strange & Beck in the same room?


Strange, coiled to strike as always, you dangerous, dangerous man!

Sorry, Montana. Spam should only be served at breakfast.

[Refers to deleted multi-forum robo-post.]

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