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Malevolent Cocktail

Hate-spewing Coelecanth and Anders Behring Breivik muse, Pamela “Aynist” Geller, is simply beside herself since WordPress shut down the vile anti-Muslim hate site Bare Naked Islam. Pam is ready to sue for the freedom of BNI commenters to urge , as quoted by CAIR via TPM, ““What’s all this pussy-footing??? Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down even with a**-lifters in them, especially with a**-lifters in them.”

By curious happenstance, 2012 began with a series of four terrorist firebombings in Queens last night. Molotov cocktails, at least three of which utilized Starbucks frappucino bottles, were thrown at mostly Muslim targets: a bodega, a prominant mosque and Islamic Center, a private home, and a house which was known to host Hindu services, which of course we all know are just Islam in paisley camo. 

Would I dare to suggest that last night’s anti-Muslim terrorist firebombings were in any way connected with Pam Geller’s incessant anti-Muslim agitation? Oh heavens, no! Any more than she would suggest that Anders Breivik’s victims were too brown to be considered real Norwe——oh, oops! Inapt simile. Any more than Free Republic would assume that Los Angeles Firebomber Samuel Arrington was Mus——

——Well, Hell’s Bells. Only 363 or so days until New Year’s! New beginnings, and all that. I can hardly wait.

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Well, there ya go with that blood libelly stuff again, imputin’ cause and effect when down home folks were just exercisin’ their First Amendment rights and just sayin’:

“Bomb the things to the ground, THEN burn them,” wrote “GrouchyFogie.” “THAT’S not an attack,” wrote “Burnerjack.” “An attack is boarding the doors while the mosque is full and then fire bombing it. THAT’S an attack. I’m just saying.”

I don’t read Pam Geller’s site, but after reading so many people write about her, all I can say is:

Oy, again with the Pamela Geller and the Muslims! We get it, Pam! You’re a Muslim and you’re standing up for your civil liberties as a Muslim in America! We welcome your proud Islamic heritage, Pam! No one wants to kick you our of America because you’re a Muslim and worship Allah.

Seriously, she’s worse than the Christy Chritters. “Oh, I’m another proud Muslim woman, standing up for my rights as a Muslim woman in America!” Blah fucking blah.

Pam Geller - proud Muslim woman. Get the bumper sticker, folks, before they’re gone!

Comment on <Ready to Sue> link from Florida Infidel:  “I still feel that Obama and Holder are somewhere behind this action.”  Why am I not surprised.

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