Heman Hemanson Gets Pantsed

Moonbat With Two Family Units

Every now and again, it’s fun to watch somebody over at Rupert N’ Roger’s Wacked Manufactory bumping up against an uncomfortably solid reality that doesn’t melt away under the soothing fog of Reagan worship and a fat paycheck,,,particularly when it’s Megyn Kelly realizing that she’s surrounded by a couple of real Family Units, especially the living Toby Jug on the right, whose pinkly smug visage visibly irks her into melvining him with Science:

**UPDATE: Below the fold, now with even more Woolly Mammoths!
Eat our tusks, Russians.~~we’re trying to figure out how to UNclone ‘em.

Oh go on and get out of the boat on this one. And hope that someday Megyn is this good when it isn’t her ox being, um, gored.

At D. Johnston’s excellent suggestion, edited to add the knicker-twisting chest-beating extravaganza that got emo-prog Megyn’s brain in a wad to begin with:

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Erickson is so accustomed to bringing Silly String to a gun fight that he still doesn’t know why one can isn’t enough to stop a bullet larger than 32-caliber. Remember when he was making conservative darling Nikki Haley’s life a Grand Guignol play of falsehoods and personal slurs?

Holy shit. Go, Megyn!

It might be worth showing the clip that inspired that clip, if only as a classic example of the political lizard brain at work. Dobbs, Ericson and Juan Williams all just know that it’s bad for women to make more money than their husbands, but none of them really know why. So they grasp around for anything they can throw at the wall, and end up with a bunch of totally irrelevant stuff about single mothers and abortion.

The key, of course, is that working women are the One True Outrage for social cons. They treat the statement “Women shouldn’t work” as a first premise and thus never feel the need to prove it.

You know, I saw them talking about that on the news and just went, “Oh this…STILL? Wtf? Let it rest, for Christ’s sake!”

It’s so tiresome, this retread of “get women back in the home!” The genie’s out, and she ain’t going back.

@D Johnston:
Thanks, D~~Cats earning more than dogs! Juan Williams whelping in the streets! We knew the End Times would be messy.

Meanwhile, Christy Erickson is washing out Erick’s dampened panties and is grateful to do so, while he works at his three “jobs.” Thank goodness they don’t need her to work any more, the way they did when she had their first hapless offspring!

Erick Erickson is one of those pompous prancing pricks that just BEGS for ad hominem attacks . . .

I think one thing that all of you are missing is that the “You people” implied in talking about women “working outside the home” is that it always avoids (in its imagination) talking about actual important people.  When EE starts spouting off he means Democratic voters, not all women. He means liberals, not all women. He means lower class women, not all women. He means non white women, not all women. He means ball busters, not all women. Oh. Wait. He’s pretty much ended up gtalking about all women. But he didn’t mean it. He probably sincerely didn’t mean it. The numbers were an abstraction to him. He just meant women-like-that-with-which- I-wouldn’t-want-to-be-associated. He is probably genuinely surprised that Megan takes him up on it so sharply. He’s been living in an echo chamber (composed of mirrors) for so long that he didn’t realize that she wasn’t an honorary male.

@Mrs. Polly: I was going to write up a response to Erickson’s whole “SCIENCE HAS PROVEN IT!” post, but I don’t have to. The top-rated comment on his own blog has done a fine job of pointing out that “complementary roles” are hardly common in nature.

Though I might add one point. Erickson has apparently decided to keep using the Spearhead-approved term “beta males.” Well, I don’t have the link on me right now, but I remember reading an analysis from a group of biologists studying wolves. They found out that the whole “alpha male” thing is a myth - wolf packs are more like extended families, with the young being nurtured by the group as a whole. Makes sense, as most pack animals are like that. I have a feeling that if you mentioned that to Erickson, he’d start screaming like someone threatened to get him fixed.

Was Juan Williams always such an asshole?
Does he know he’s an asshole now?
Does he think he’s merely playing one on Fox News?

The answer, my friend…

I must admit that I was baffled by “Heman Hemanson” for quite a while, but then a light bulb, a literal light bulb went off above my head and I got it.

I hate you all.

I agree—both parties in a marriage working 12-hour days is terrible for families. So GOPers, are you ready to fight for saner working hours with great guaranteed benefits (health and retirement), flex time, paid Family Medical Leave, and other programs designed to shore up the needs of families?

Yeah. That is about what I thought.

Ah, EE, living proof of the supremacy of males and their greater suitability for demanding, productive occupations.

He’s productive all right, just like a bad chest cold.  Similar product too.

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