Her Again: Shuck, Jive And Thrive

With those tiresome debates over, it’s a down-to-the-wire race to see which right-wing attention addict (we don’t say “whore” because we has class!) can squeeze the last drops of glory from putting lips together and blowing the longest, loudest dogwhistle their air-sacs can power. In the case of the Tower of Babble, it’s not even a whistle; it’s an airhorn. The ostensible justification for the Half-Been’s rage is CNN CBS’s “scoop” regarding Benghazi, because terrorism abroad is always best met by calling the president a darkie.

CNN CBS’s lame “scoop” puts them in a fine position to challenge the Half-Been and the Bag of Hair to the Miss AW 2012 tiara. The Zales Network turned up two emails to the State Department, executive office, and about a zillion other agencies containing the thunderous information that a local terrorist group Ansar Al-Sharia had claimed responsibility for the attack, and everybody knows that whatever group is first to claim responsibility on Facebook, for attacking something in the Middle East completely obviously Did It. Why did the president not reveal this email in the nanoseconds before Mitt Romney climbed to the top of the ruins with his bullhorn? Niggovernment Coverup!!!

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from the Tweet machine:

Hillary on Benghazi emails, per @dana_hughes: “You know, posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.”

I work frequently in the Middle East and there are an awful lot of good people who like the US.  Hell, there are thousands of U.S. citizens who also have Egyptian, Lebanese or Jordanian nationality who are hard working people and who like the American people (not necessarily the American Govt.).  The Neo-Cons and, of course, vermin like Palin, Coulter and others are so profoundly stupid and ignorant.  It’s really an open question whether the GOP wll succeed in destroying this country but they are certainly trying.

She does realize that when Rmoney and Batboy lose, she has to give up the “Sparkly VP Loser Tiara and Secret Decoder Bullhorn”, right? And FSM, please allow Ryan to lose twice in one night, that would be the bestest Thanksgiving EVER!

She does realize that when Rmoney and Batboy lose, she has to give up the “Sparkly VP Loser Tiara and Secret Decoder Bullhorn”, right?

The average angry white male GOP voter will be more conflicted about “rubbing one out” to television appearances by Ryan, but the fapping will continue nevertheless.

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