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Congressional Republicans—they are different, you know? Going back to the Truman Administration at least (no, actually, longer than that), pols have thought it might be kind of nice for Americans to have some kind of affordable access to medical coverage so they didn’t die of easily treatable maladies. It was just this thing, you know? We thought our fellow citizens were worthwhile human beings and that maybe they shouldn’t be bankrupted in the pursuit of bodily well-being and not being dead.

Maybe not everyone got the message that our fellow citizens are worthwhile human beings who shouldn’t be bankrupted in the pursuit of bodily well-being. What strikes me as exceptionally tasteless, though, are the folks who have decided that the decades-long work to cover most Americans’ health care was a source of amusement. Like the goofy galoot pictured above, who himself follows in the vein of Asclepius.

Well, sort of. He was a doctor, but somewhere along the way, he decided that science was Satan, and I guess the whole “taking care of the sick and suffering” thing became hilarious. You know he doesn’t really care because this is how he talks about Obamacare during an EPA hearing (I know, right? Like is global warming even a thing? So boring!):

Broun: Let me ask you one more question because my time’s running out. Are you signed up for Obamacare?

McCarthy: No I am not.

Broun: Why not?

McCarthy: Well because I’m lucky enough as a federal government [employee] that I have health care available to me which I’ve signed up for. In a few years, when that’s not the case, I’ll be happy to have other available health care opportunities…

Broun: Well the president says health care opportunities is much better than forcing most federal employees into Obamacare and obviously if you are not signing up you don’t think it is. Mr. Chairman I’ve run out of time, I yield back.

D’ya get it? Didja see the wicked burn? If you have a really great employer-provided healthcare plan, shouldn’t you want to do the thing that wasn’t even supposed to be a fix for you because you already have a good thing because what the fuck is Paul Broun fucking kidding us?

Welcome once again to Republicans Don’t Understand How Insurance Even Works Theater, everybody! Where suddenly they don’t get that the individual market was the problem in need of a solution, and that the employer-provided health coverage thing was what most people got and were okay with, mostly. Guess what? Prior to the ACA, the individual plan market was crappy! And guess what? After, less crappy! But no, the ACA wasn’t a fix for the employer-provided thing. And the US government is an honest-to-goodness employer.  Not that GOP congressfolks necessarily get that the whole congress thing is a real job, either.

Oh, another funny guy? TX Rep. Steve Stockman. Here’s him:

Stockman: I think though earlier you gave me my favorite tweet of the day which I’m going to send out, which is … “I’m lucky enough not to have to sign up for Obamacare.” That’s wonderful. I wish my constituents could say the same.

McCarthy: I actually think I was referring to, I’m lucky enough to have access to good health care which the Affordable Care Act will expand…

Stockman: I still will take your quote for the record. I wrote it down. It’s really good.

Really good! Turn off the tv, ladies and germs, because Steve Stockman is bringing back vaudeville. And probably sanatariums for tb and life expectancies in the 50’s or 60’s.  Because there is nothing funnier than people going without insurance and getting sick and stuff because screw government doing stuff for the citizens that elected it. To do things. For the people. You know—“government for, of and by the people”? Who all have bodies that get sick and stuff?

Repeal the ACA yet, funnyguys? Maybe you all should get a rubber chicken and a clue.

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Welcome once again to Republicans Don’t Understand How Insurance Even Works Theater . . . 

Let’s keep in mind that these are the same people that thought your birth control pill prescription costs depended on how many times you boinked in a month . . .

Rush Limbaugh gets mighty personal for a person whose relations have not resulted in children and and whose exes seem to be held to a vow of silence. I don’t pretend I know why, but I have ideas based on his more than occasional professions of misogyny.

Or that’s what this looks like to me.

From Rushbo:  The Idiocy:

“There was this student, this 35-year-old student from Georgetown, who was complaining that, for as often as she had sex, birth control pills were costing her like, what was it, $3,000 a month?” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “She wanted Obamacare to pay for her contraception.”

O.M.G.  How does birth control work anyway?  You take a pill every time you have illicit sexy time?  Mmmmm no I don’t think so.  So these are the people we characterize as “morons”?  Yes.  Yes, I do think so.

Stockman totally distorted what McCarthy said.  Stay classy, Republicans!

I have to give Sandra Fluke credit.  She was describing a friend’s need for BCP because that friend had PCS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), a painful condition that can be greatly relieved by, wait for it, being on BCP, but the health insurance offered to students at that person’s college did not offer BCP for any reason, even medically necessary ones (what with being a Catholic institution and all that).  Look at the endless hell she has been subjected to because of her testimony, and tell me Rushbo doesn’t hate women with every fiber of his flabby being. 

Wow, am I tired of these people.

Don’t you think though McCarthy might have said “It would be ILLEGAL under the terms of the law to sign up because I have an employer plan and I HAVE TO KEEP IT.”

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