Herman Cain Can’t Get No Respect [Updated]

CNN reports that Cain was heckled during a speech at an Alabama gathering, his remarks interrupted by a strangely grammatically formal cry of “That is absurd” and whoops from—who else?—Ron Paul supporters in the audience.

The heckle followed Cain’s observation that “this economy is on life support.” CNN doesn’t give any clue why that particular statement of Cain’s might have been singled out for the accusation of absurdity, but when he sought to quiet the crowd and proceed, declaring that “I do not believe we need to end the Fed, we can fix the Fed,” even louder boos and more frantic placard-waving erupted.

A frisk of the comments at some of the RW blogs that have covered this event confirms the lack of love lost between Paul supporters and—well, just about anybody:

Ronbots are the reason I will not support Ron Paul, while I do agree with much of his fiscal policies. Some of the rudest people I’ve seen, not worse than Obots, because Ronbots tend to be somewhat smart in terms of fiscal policy, but they are too cultish.

This was very rude, very rude. They can have their point of view, but heckling someone else so they cannot express their point of view is very rude and disrespectful.

F#ckin Paultards. Figures that Alabama of all places would have a bunch of these nazis.

The paulbots know nothing about respect. They are as bad as the libturds, if not worse, for disrupting speech from those opposed to their tinfoil hat beliefs. Paulbots are a blight on American soil as is ron paul.

Others don’t have a much rosier view of the man himself:

Cain is just a tool having sat on the FED board of governors…

Anyone stupid enough to vote for this clown is just…well, stupid!

Cain might know how to sell second rate pizzas but as to him running this country???…give me a break.

I guess we can cancel that Cain/Paul 2012 bumper sticker run.

CNN observes:

Cain is in the final day of a swing through Alabama, a choice seen by some as puzzling, given Alabama’s place on the primary calendar.

Nearly two dozen states are scheduled to hold their contests before the Yellowhammer State’s March 13 primary, according to the Federal Election Commission.

ABC reports that Cain sees no reason to be puzzled:

“I continue to get reporters asking me why are you in Alabama? And the answer is why not?!”  ...
“Alabama matters in this process. The political, so-called experts, haven’t quite connected all of the dots yet. Because of all of the jockeying that’s been going on relative to the primary process, Alabama matters because when you hold your primary in March,” explained Cain, “this thing may not be over and I didn’t want to wait till march to come to Alabama and let you know what I stand for!”

Cain’s fundraising figures have improved, ABC reporting that he raised $3 million in the last month. He’ll need it, as unlike some of the other contenders, he doesn’t have a truly vast personal fortune on the scale needed to bail out his campaign if the going gets tough. FEC reports reveal that the candidate, running on the business expertise amassed during a long career, and famously dismissive of those less successful than himself: “reported holding more than $3 million in assets, including the $675,000 he lent his campaign committee.”

Cain reports earning $900,657 last year as corporate director for an assortment of companies and for his Atlanta radio show. His current bus trip is also doubling as a Palinesque book tour, and as ever, there’s some synergy there:

Cain reported that his motivational speaking company, T.H.E New Voice Inc., was valued at between $50,000 and $100,000, though it did not have any income. Cain’s campaign committee reported on Oct. 15 that it had paid his company more than $64,000 for books he wrote, airfare, lodging and supplies, Federal Election Commission records show.

Now, I wouldn’t sneeze at an income like the one he’s cobbled together, but it’s not big bucks in the grand scheme of things for someone running as a self-made big business whiz who’s going to 9-9-9 the USA till its eyes water.

UPDATES: Sort of related to our brief discussion about Cain’s funding in the comments, TPM reports on more details emerging about the early financing of Cain’s campaign that aren’t covered in his FEC filing:

Long before Herman Cain chief of staff Mark Block was appearing in the most mocked campaign ad of the presidential campaign so far, he and deputy chief of staff Linda Hansen started a Wisconsin corporation that the Journal Sentinel reports illegally helped the GOP presidential candidate get his campaign off the ground.

According to sources and documents obtained by the newspaper, Prosperity USA, founded by Block and Hansen, footed the bill “for tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for such items as iPads, chartered flights and travel to Iowa and Las Vegas - something that might breach federal tax and campaign law.”
The Journal Sentinel said the records suggest that Prosperity USA “had been underwriting travel for Cain even before he announced his plans to run for president.”

“I just don’t see how they can justify this,” a national election expert told the Journal Sentinel. “It’s a total mess.”

Looks like there’s only so much the Koch brothers were prepared to do for Cain, in the initial stages at least.

Of course, all of this is going to be overshadowed this week by the Politico story of allegations of sexual harassment of female employees in Cain’s past, which everybody on the intertubes, and no doubt by now the MSM, is going crazy about at the moment. I like Zandar’s take over at Balloon Juice.

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Cain is a long time Kock spokescandidate.  Money is the least of his problems.

I believe Nellcote is correct; Cain is just pretending to not have much money; should his going get rough, the Koch’s are going funnel some his way.

Maybe I tried to pack too much into that last passage (yes, in these post-Citizens United days, as long as he’s serving the Kochs’ purposes, his campaign will do OK).

My main point was that given Cain’s much-trumpeted highly successful career as a businessman, his personal fortune isn’t that large (compared to the likes of Romney, for instance, or even a substantial proportion of Congresscritters).

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