Hey Bro, Your Cunning Disguise is Slipping


I remember the day that it dawned on my nine-year-old self that yelling “I’m rubber, you’re glue” was a pretty ineffective defense.  And it was somewhere around the tenth grade that I realized that turning an argument inside out, while a good trick, wasn’t the same as winning it.  That probably explains America’s recent impatience with the “both sides do it” school of partisan political debate.

At 64, I have lived through some of America’s most fraught historical decades, I won’t get into listing milestones—everyone here can count backward and figure that out.  Suffice it to say that I have lived through enough to develop some amount of perspective regarding what counts and what fades away.

There are times when I despair that our national discourse has become so thoroughly dumbed-down that it’s barely worth participating.  Maybe sending men to the moon, and technological advances that we never dreamed of, and a few that we did, have exhausted us and resulted in the current backlash against science, history and facts. 

We are now in the process of banning books that mention masturbation, in high schools, [maybe they won’t find out?], teaching children that evolution is debatable, that history isn’t true and, more seriously, denying that our actions are destroying the environment that we depend on.

We are slipping inexorably into a slough of silliness, while life is still just as seriously life-or-death as it ever was for some.  But, the most disturbing trend, in my opinion, is the tendency to disown our reality.

Current events in Bunkerville, NV highlight that tendency.  For those of you who have been on a Caribbean cruise or somehow managed to sleep through the last couple of weeks, Bunkerville is the home of Cliven Bundy who relocated from Bundyville, AZ back in the 1940’s.  Google him for details.

Bundy went from hero to butthead in thirty seconds for sharing his thoughts on race when he was supposed to be all about government over-reach.  Poor Sean Hannity had to contort himself into a pretzel to disown the racist bits but hold onto his defense of Bundy’s patriotic thieving from our demonic government.  Selectively ignoring the fact that if Bundy and his gun-fondling militia were pulling their stunt on anyone else’s property, besides Uncle Sam’s, they’d be in jail for armed robbery by now.

Well, it took a while but the “both sides do it” chorus is in full swing.  A Mr. Bryan Preston, writing for the esteemed PJ Tatler, is obviously exercised that conservatives are being indiscriminately tarred with the racism brush because a few conservatives made the bad choice of lionizing Mr Bundy.  His thoughts on that thoroughly unfair demonization carries the title:  Cliven Bundy Utters Racist Remark, Liberals Everywhere Rejoice.

Hmmmmm . . . I have to assume, given the word “everywhere” that Mr Preston believes that most, if not all, Liberals are overjoyed that Mr Bundy revealed his inner bigot so that we can dismiss his equally wacky Libertarian position.  Obviously, some folks believe that Bundy’s stand is some sort of patriotic when actually it was more than enough material for “progs” to label him abberant.  I don’t remember “rejoicing” over the racism but neither was I bowled over with surprise. 

At any rate, Preston quotes Bundy’s reprehensible and indefensible musings, at length, on The Negro,  then pronounces them “reprehensible and indefensible” but warns conservatives:

Expect progs who read this post to ignore the previous sentence.

That would be the sentence in which Preston acquitted himself of racism by labeling Bundy’s thoughts “reprehensible and indefensible.”

Well, bless your heart, Mr Preston, I not only read but was entertained by every word of your post.  I have to assume that you believe that liberals and “progs” [progressives?] are interchangeable?  And clearly you don’t hold “progs” in very high esteem:

Bundy is also railing against government subsidizing dependence and fostering irresponsibility, which is an evil thing to do in a republic and that is worth railing against, but in their rush to celebrate a gotcha moment and use it to smear millions of good people, the progs aren’t noticing that.

I’m not sure that I understand the “intellectual consistency” of your characterization of Mr Bundy, the recipient of decades of farm subsidies, nobly “railing” against ” “subsidy dependence and irresponsibility” especially in the face of his scofflaw $1 million theft of grazing rights and repeated defiance of court orders.  Those things seem at least a little irresponsible, yes? 

But here’s where you jumped the shark, Mr Preston:

You’re not going to get intellectual consistency out of progressives. You’re only ever going to get childishness and opportunism out of them.

Well! I have to agree that I don’t travel much in conservative circles so I, like many others, have to derive my impressions of what conservatives are all about from the things that they write and say and do as they go about their business.  It’s a sort of “and you shall know them by their works” approach, that suits me . . .

Here’s how it looks from here

Consider this: In 2012, roughly nine out of every 10 people who voted for Mitt Romney were white — even as the white vote continued its steady decline as a percentage of the overall electorate. Romney lost African American voters by 87 points and Hispanics by 44 points.

That’s not a coincidence, Mr Preston.  That’s what the Bible calls “reaping what you sow.”  That is the result of fifty years of Southern Strategy, Republican party messaging, platform and policy.

Or, how about this?

If I was in charge,” Palin said Saturday in Indianapolis, they would know, waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.

You can’t hide that kind of dim light under a bushel.  That is simply wrong on about 37 levels . . . all the way to the tippy top of the ticket.  I’d say we were all dangerously close to having that woman “in charge.”  And, I’m pretty sure we can thank conservatives for that.  And that it wasn’t an oversight.

Then there’s this:

House Takes 50th Vote to Change ‘Obamacare’

“I have a list of 50 votes that we could be taking today instead of another vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” (Louise) Slaughter (D-NY) added. “Everything from rebuilding our crumbling bridges and roads to creating American manufacturing jobs.”

Childish, much?

Oh yeah, and this:

The survey highlights just how badly the GOP hard-liners and the leaders who went along with them misjudged the public mood. In the aftermath, eight in 10 Americans say they disapprove of the shutdown. Two in three Republicans or independents who lean Republican share a negative view of the impasse. And even a majority of those who support the tea party movement disapprove.

Overall, the shutdown produced widespread political fallout. Dissatisfaction with Congress, elected officials and the workings of the political system has increased. An overwhelming majority of Americans say the budget dispute damaged the U.S. economy and the nation’s image in the world.

Since there are so many of these things I have a hard time buying the idea that they are coincidental, accidental or flukes.  Maybe, just maybe, we could use a little common-sense and a soupcon of truth and cooperation and the intellectual consistency would take care of itself?

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Ok, topics:

Banning books that mention masturbation
-Went through Catholic School, umpteen years. Found out that masturbation was badevildoncheweven!
-Found an activity that felt r-r-r-r-e-e-e-a-a-l-l-l-l-l-y good.
-Found out aforesaid activity was masturbation.
-Became raving pagan.

Wee Clivey Bundy and the rest of the Lil’ Rascals
-It cannot help but be noticed that the Republicans ‘denouncing’ Our Favorite Traitor are doing so primarily via press release.
-Still waiting for Ricky ‘the RanchOwner’ Perry to stand up on Fox and call Clive ‘despicable’.
-Right now, they are getting some carefully vetted political paper cover without accidentally calling their marks, ermmm, ‘marks’.

The Baked Alaskan, Sarah Proud and Stupid
-Her diplomacy skills are unequaled in time or space.
-Thank FSM.
-If she had entered Number One Observatory Circle, her morning bowl of Cookie Crisp would have ended with a declaration of war against Puerto Rico.

The 50th vote against the Affordable Care Act
-What’s the 50th anniversary gift for random lunacy?
-Checks Emily’s Etiquette.
-Gold strait-jacket. ‘K, fair enough, I’ll need 230 or so. Boehner’s will need a boozepocket.

We could use a little common-sense and a soupcon of truth and cooperation
-Bette, I’ve found you to be a very capable writer, by turns blistering and funny, and sometimes blisteringly funny
-However, even in the good old days, when the injestion of a certain fungus made me laugh for about 6 days and 37 hours, I was never this upbeat.

ah! my dear pagan @paleo man, you never disappoint . . . gold strait-jackets, indeed [what a rush, a man who can spell strait-jacket]!

Happy fappin’ my good man.

It’s funny to see conservatives talk about intellectual consistency.  They only think they have it because they tend to shove everything down the memory hole.

Demanding intellectual consistency from “libs and progs” is yet another example of Rethug/Con projection, only this version is them tut-tutting about something they know they don’t practice or exhibit.  The projection from that crew seems to be growing in boldness lately, to the point where it is just laughable, or it would be if they didn’t have a dedicated propaganda network.

Mr bundy claims some sort of “historic” right to that land, but by that logic there are at least two parties with a prior claim. That would be the original inhabitants and the United States government, which stole it outright - fair’nsquare from them. Since Bundy “doesn’t recognize the government” and he’s pretty clearly not Indian, I’d put him no closer than third in line.

On behalf of the citizens of the US, including the Piaute Indians: Fuck off Mr bundy and get the fuck off of our land and don’t let the gate hit you in the ass on the way out.

I can spell it properly, too, but I always like to call them the comfy white jackets with the extra-long sleeves.

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