Hey, Sarah — Time to #runforpresident or #shutthefuckupandmakemeasandwich

Get in the game or get lost, quitter.

Posted by StrangeAppar8us on 07/29/11 at 05:47 PM • Permalink

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I’d like to see Sarah’s extensive, well thought-out plan to “prioritize” spending.

She has no plan. Why would she? She’s dumb enough to think that abruptly cutting Federal spending by 40% is going to create jobs and jump-start the economy.

Naw, $arah needs to stick around. as inspiration for Betty to do more drawings.

To hell with the nation’s interest - I have entertainment needs that must be satisfied!

Comment by meepmeep09 on 07/29/11 at 06:22 PM

Up until this debt stand-off, Uncle Tater (thanks, Betty) was under the impression that his Social Security and Medicare were imperiled due to federal spending and the deficit, so he supported rethugs.  $arah is trying to keep this fiction alive, and certainly her most rabid fans still buy it, but more than a few of them have heard the rethugs (1) bragging about saving tax loopholes for rich bastards, and (2) wanting to voucherize Medicare and cut SS benefits. 

Eventually the cognative dissonance should get to them, but I’m assuming they have some abilities left in the cognition area.  I am perhaps being too generous.

The woman is so brave, so open, so honest, so ... amazing! It’s this sort of insightful commentary that is so badly needed in today’s world. Where facebook updates and twats from twitter rock the entire solar system because of their power.


Oh, and the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asmougha, so there’s that.

I’d make some snarky comment but I am so, so sick of this.

Oh, and the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asmougha, so there’s that.


Now all is truly lost (wrote the Jets and Giants fan). So wanted Asmougha to go to the Jets. Wha happened? I bet it’s that bitch Sarah Palin’s fault.

I’m with justlen.  I’m done with her and all this bullshit (and, yes, I know it’s not done with me).

Gawd i hate this bitch..Mcain you old bastard i hope you burn in hell…


Have you seen the fake Palin tweets?  Here’s a sample: 

“People get angry with me because I’m intelligent, beautiful, and can talk to spirits and tell the future. Also, I have an invisible horn.”

Instead of SarahPalinUSA the account is spelled SarahPaIinUSA.  (Capital I instead of lower case l in Palin.)

(Also, too, I’m so tired of the real $arah and her vicious, little stabs at the President.)

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