Like the news wasn’t bad enough…

Did AP really need to circulate this picture of Spitzer? He looks like the saddest Muppet ever.

[via NY Times]

MORE: TS looks at the scrubbing bubbas.

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Shockingly disgusting. I just don’t get where some of these Hillary supporters are coming from with their hateful comments towards the Obamas. It’s the kind of idiocy you expect from Republicans but it’s shameful to hear it from people you probably agree with on most issues. I just don’t get what they are on about. To call her all of those names is disgusting. But it’s also insane to me that they take her comment about being proud about America out of context. Such BS.

Hah! Excellent job.
Truthteller2007 is a frequent commenter (And i’m pretty sure has had a number of entries posted) at No Quarter.

I’ve not seen him refer to Michelle as a “BJ queen” at NQ, though there is certainly a very (un)healthy dose of anti Michelle commentary from the lot of them, mostly revolving around similar notions of power hungry golddigger begging for hand outs from the welfare state.

Which is weird considering the majority of NQ’s posters and commenter’s tirelessly squawk about how their the most feministy bunch of feminist feminists that feminism has ever seen.

I love it when the pinch of salt you need to take with these loonies. turns into a fistful.

Great post!


Thanks, d.

Actually, he did call her a blow job queen twice in the comments at No Quarter, but to their credit it looks like they deleted one of the instances (still in Google search but not on the site). I figured I had enough ammo w/out referencing those.

Fucking hypocrite. Play the misogynist card and then call Michelle Obama the worst names in the book. Bastards.

Hey, go to Taylor Marsh. She’s “out of the office” and her “fans” are guest blogging through the weekend.

That is beyond low and very deranged.  Clinton’s people don’t vet the author’s of posts before they link to them?  That’s pretty silly.  It didn’t take me very long to find truthteller’s post: Michelle Obama: “Give Us Something Here”. That’s a quick read into the psyche of the person behind the post.

It’s also odd how angry and mean he got over what was obviously a joke on her part (“Give us something here”).

What incredibly vile comments. Did you email the HRC campaign and clue them in? Maybe we all should?

The gentlemen at somethingawful have been investigating the racism of general craziness of Hillary is 44 for months now.

Comment by Spacegirlart on 04/11/08 at 08:21 AM

Hillary is 44: The most effective weapon against Hillary Clinton this campaign cycle

I love that the Hillaryis44 people constantly harp on the sexism of Obama and his supporters, yet use language like this.

It’s not only offensive, it’s extremely tacky and hypocritical.

The same way in which, if Obama and Clinton’s positions were exactly reversed in this race you likely wouldn’t hear a peep out of them about Florida and Michigan.

The amount of venom and hatred I’ve seen on Hillaryis44 is disgusting, one poster even stating that she wanted to drop a bomb on NBC basically because she disagreed with what the presenter was saying. And again - no one stopping her to say that that kind of talk is just wrong.

Thanks for doing the legwork on this, excellent catch. I imagine that the Clinton campaign is going to find themselves in the position of having to rely on more and more of these hateful people as their base of support as the campaign spirals downwards. Not an enviable position. posters: thanks for your work sinking the Clinton campaign. Your hypocrisy - claiming to be feminists while calling someone a “blowjob queen” - is repulsive. There’s actually a poster there that pulled the Phelps card screaming about “freedom of expression” in defense of the brillohead comments - their exact quote was “I will NOT be bound by cultural sensitivity that is not mine when discussing different ethnicities”. Republicans in disguise, and they don’t hide the fact that they’ll vote completely against their own interests when they proudly proclaim they’ll pull the level for McCain if Clinton doesn’t get the nod.

Nice work uncovering this stuff!  I sent you an e-mail on a diff topic, btw.


Thanks again for your leg work on this. You deserve a cold one, at minimum, for a job well done.

That guy sounds like a friendly fella’, eh? I’m not sure it’s fair to expect Hillary Clinton’s campaign to vet the comments of every poster they highlight on certain web sites. Even if he is well known in the pro-Hillary online community. That’s a non-starter and not worth anyone’s energy, in my opinion.

What’s somewhat fascinating is the type of vitriol coming from the Clinton camp. To me that seems to be a definite difference between the campaigns. Not that Obama supporters say nothing but nice things about Clinton, but the viciousness is not quite there.

You will not ever see me use profane language or gutter Obama innuendo, but - the earmarks and Rezko cash about Obama is accurate and the naive Obama supporter is prime for foolish herd mentality. 

For Christ sake - everyone in their right mind wants a NEW direction and change from the current misguided and selfish GOP politics - but anyone foolish enough to trust another politician (Obama), who merely says in manufactured eloquent speech tirades - trust me I am much different… with absolutely no specifics forwarded on their different ideas and leadership ability is absolutely nuts!!! Nuts - Nuts - Nuts !

That is Obama’s campaign in a NUTSHELL… no specifics - because young and naive political new comers hoodwinked by Obama’s grandiose use of words doesn’t know how to differentiate Obama’s facts from political fiction (reality), and don’t even bother looking in non-biased sources. God help the stupidos.

Too bad for America about to go off the cliff again with Obama, as 51 Million stupid Americans did with George Bush.  Way too bad- so sad!

“God help the stupidos.”

That was my favorite Zappa album.

Not certain, but I think your guy paid a visit to Atrios’s place last Saturday. Look for queerrevoltion.

Comment by Not Atrios on 04/13/08 at 06:53 PM

This is from last night at NoQuarter
———————————————————— —
Comment by Blow Job Queen Michelle Hussein Obama | 2008-06-05 02:32:31
Ghetto queen
Look that up at the Urban Dictionary

Comment by Blow Job Queen Michelle Hussein Obama | 2008-06-05 01:37:05
Y’all owe me da Prezidency. My man may have cheated and lied, and that bitch Hillary may have won the vote, but we play by different roolz. Now shut up and line up behind me. This is about me, not you.

And this is from a site that claims Hillary lost the primary because of all the rampant sexism out there. In addition, you have any number of regular commenters who define themselves as older white women and who are just not going to put up with being treated as second-class citizens anymore.

Nice, huh?

So wait, “blow job queen” is meant perjoratively?

C’mon, that’s a Republican talking.

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