Hillary Clinton Boy

If Obama supporters like me have to endure suffering through stuff like this much longer, we’ll need to switch from drinking Kool-Aid to battery acid.

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/25/08 at 12:01 AM • Permalink

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Is it me or do some of the lamest gay men support this monster.  From the deranged loser gay to the Jonah Goldberg gay type.

Is that the same dude who did the “Leave Brittney alooooooooooooooooone!” vid?

Thanks 4 posting my video here!

No I am not the Leave Britney Alone boy… Im J.Son (say it with me… J Dot Son!)

Have a great day,
Hillary Clinton Boy!

J.Son, I’ve “discovered” two other Hillary fans on YouTube that ended up getting a lot of attention (here and here), so cross your fingers.  You may see a lot of traffic coming your way if Andrew Sullivan or Wonkette latches onto this. If not, you may want to hook up with ellicebrahms.  I think you two could make magic together.

Dear God, that was horrid.

I would rather…

A) Take a telephone pole up my ass sideways
B) Drive my little car into a tree at 100 mph
C) Have Ron Jeremy sit on my face and fart
D) Watch that video

You decide.

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