Hillary Clinton: Putting the ass…

...back in assassination.

I’d write more but I promised myself I was going to decompress tonight.  Fill-in a lot of profanity, outrage and denunciations here:


Posted by Kevin K. on 05/23/08 at 05:51 PM • Permalink

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But she’s so experienced at campaigning and executiving and stuff.

I was so disgusted when I first heard this at the office. I’m still angry over it.

The irony of course being that she has been “sticking around” in the hopes the Obama campaign would fuck up royally, capitulate because i dunno maybe Flowbee’s scary imagination video would be released…the campaign would loose it’s wheels, it would explode then rightfully, as the very gods themselves have decreed, SHE would be crowned the Queen of America.

Yet…it’s the Clinton campaign that just hit an iceberg (some would argue actually drove itself further into one…).

But fuck…are you fucking KIDDING me!? Seriously? THIS?! I mean christ even if we give her the benefit of the doubt that she was genuinely giving some historical context to her already retarded argument. Does it not occur to her as someone of “EXPERIENCE” that “You know what, this is probably inappropriate…surely there are BETTER examples that I could give to make my point?”
And oh look and as it happens a simple google search turns up a bunch. So it’s either one of two things. She is SUPREMELY stupid and her much touted political compass and experience is akin to that of a stump. Or we just saw into the abyss of this calculating, monstrously arrogant political machine that clearly will stop at nothing to grasp power. Including the suggestion from her OWN mouth that the reason she is staying in the race is in the hopes that her opponent might get murdered.

Neither of them are a particularly appealing reality.

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