Hillary to Bibi: Grab a Juice Box and a Fruit Roll-Up and Let the Adults Handle This

After embarrassing Vice President Biden and mucking up delicate US back-channel discussions with the Palestinians, perennially fuckheaded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found himself on the receiving end of Hillary Clinton’s famous “3AM phone call.” Ouch. 

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Good for Hills!

“Well, I don’t have any reason to believe he knew about it, but he is the prime minister. It’s like the president or the secretary of state; when you have certain responsibilities, ultimately, you are responsible,” Clinton told CNN.

You nailed it, Strange; Hillary has just told us that no dogs have ever eaten either her homework or Barack Obama’s (Evidently, she enjoys working with another disciplined adult for a change).

I guess this means we won’t be making any surprise announcements during Bibi’s next US visit. But let’s hope there’s a rickety card table reserved for him at the next state dinner.

(btw, the above quote is from manoramaonline, which is not at all what you’d think it would be.)

All I can say, Polly, is that—despite breathless online speculation—this should make Hillary’s keynote address at AIPAC’s annual policy conference later this month rather less likely to be the moment she signals her intention to run against Obama in 2012.

Also, this will be a tough meal to assimilate for whatever percentage of Hillary’s “18 Million” were counting on her to “stand up for Israel” against the Closet-Muslim Usurper.

That’s all a sideshow, however. The important thing is that maybe Bibi will begin to get the message that—now that we’ve established multiple super-bases in Iraq—his “only friendly democracy in the Middle East” bullshit ain’t gonna fly as far as it used to.

So then, whatever agency Zionist neo-cons had in pushing the US into war with Iraq, does this mean that in fact they diluted Israel’s value to the US?

But treating the world’s peoples as static pieces on a chessboard usually works so well!

It’s apparent, though, that the differences between the neoCons and the Obama/Clintons, warmaking and peacemaking, pale in significance compared to the results of the 2008 primary.

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