HillBuzz Masthead. Fixed.

The Palin-lovin’ PUMA loons who run the asylum that is HillBuzz have been getting a lot of love from the wingnutosphere this week for their magnificently fucktarded post “Thank you former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.” Not only do they heap lavish praise and tear-drenched apologies on Dubya, who they practically elevate to sainthood, but they also admit that they’re now—get this—“fans of Dick Cheney”:

And we are blessed to have Dick Cheney, wherever he is, keeping tabs on all that’s going on and speaking out when the current administration does anything too reckless and dangerous.

Cheney’s someone else we villainized and maligned in the past who we were also wrong about.  There has never been a Vice President, including Gore, Biden, or Mondale, who was more supportive of gay rights than “Darth Cheney”. There has never been a Vice President more spot-on right about the dangers facing this country from Islamic terrorism.

We live in strange, strange times indeed.

Yeah, we sure as hell do. Their blog is living proof of it.

As I noted in the comments here a few days ago after reading that post:

If you stare closely at the image of Hillary in their masthead, you can see her trying to tear herself out of the HTMLs.

Today, I decided to help her.




(click for larger image)


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Bravo! Bravo!

Hillary would raise a glass of Irish whiskey in your honor, Kevin.

The little drip is a nice touch. For all the little drips who congregate there! Stay tuned as the Dickspuzzers grow misty over the presidency of Jefferson Davis.

Palin-lovin’ PUMA loons

This flows trippingly off the tongue.  It almost begs to be followed with

Skip to my Lou my darlin’

The open vowels give it a nice woody quality.  It’s not at all tinny

I vote we keep it.

I vote we keep it.

It does have a certain elegance.

okay, maybe I am being dumb here but is it possible that Hillbuzz is just very bad satire? 

I have read it a few times and I always hoped it was just ineffective satire.  If I am wrong I will need to have my anti-depressant doubled.

okay, maybe I am being dumb here but is it possible that Hillbuzz is just very bad satire?

I know one of the guys involved was definitely a hardcore Hillary supporter from Chicago.  Not sure how many more of “them” there really are, though.

Dear “W”,

All is forgiven.



The mask is slipping, ever so slowly.  Can someone morph a Riverchucky/Murphy into a Bush/Cheney?  I’m not quite skilled/motivated enough for that.

Loves woody quality words. ;-)

How about Obamasnutz, you commie slutz?

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