Hippie Punch Drunk Love

Some DFHPs complained about the last song. Fine.

[Editor’s note I: A failure to appreciate Love indicates you’ve been the victim of soul snatchers.]

[Editor’s note II: Anyone who says “Oh, it’s that song by The Damned,” gets a completely apolitical punch in the junk for making me feel old. Be warned.]

Posted by Hunger Tallest Palin on 09/28/10 at 02:00 PM • Permalink

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Oooh, I’ll definitely fire that up when the office is all mine.  How I managed to miss this group in my 60s pre/early teen years, I do not know, but I did later get a CD of their stuff.

I love that later version done by The Damned as well.  Too busy to check You-Tube now, where it hopefully still resides.  If you find it, ignore the pointless and stupid (IMO) video that accompanies the excellent music.

Too busy to check You-Tube now, where it hopefully still resides.

It’s still there. It makes me think Alone Again Or as interpreted by Procol Harum. And the video is pure 80’s.

love Love but not as much as I love Uncle Tommy:


Comment by Nellcote on 09/28/10 at 03:27 PM

Oh, it’s that song by UFO.

Oh—the horns! Now I remember this one, but I thought it was the Moody Blues, not Bread. But then, I’m not a real Boomer.

Err, Love, not Bread. Whatever.

I still have 20 uncracked vinyl copies of “Da Capo,” if you want them. At one time, they were cheaper than coasters.

Me, I didn’t even know the Damned had covered “Alone Again Or” until after Arthur Lee died.

Seeing him perform “Forever Changes” a couple years before his death was one concert I’m glad I saw.

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