Hooray for Bo[Bleep!]es

From the About Damn Time files (via WaPo):

An occasional curse word or even Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” on prime-time TV shouldn’t bring down the wrath of the Federal Communications Commission, a federal court ruled Tuesday.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit said the agency’s rules on indecency are too vague and violate the First Amendment, undermining the government’s primary tool for policing civility over the airwaves.

And the Staunch Defenders of the Constitution will scream blue murder in 5…4…3…

For your daily dose of Irony:

The ruling came in Fox Television Stations Inc. v. FCC, 06-1760-ag, a case where the FCC was forced to defend a 2004 policy in which the agency increased enforcement efforts against profanity that included swear words uttered at the Billboard Music Awards by Cher in 2002 and Nicole Richie in 2003. The stepped-up enforcement was triggered in part by complaints after the 2003 Golden Globes Awards, where U2 lead singer Bono said while accepting an award, “this is really, really fucking brilliant. Really, really, great.”

Not sure how Faux News is going to play this. “Those horrible activist judges protected our parent company from gubbermint interference when it exposes your children to the occasional F-bomb!”

That should work for the average Faux viewer.

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undermining the government’s primary tool for policing civility over the airwaves.

No no no! With the federal jackhammer of civility gone, what ruffians will take to the airwaves to spout torrents of invective?

Undermining civilization, I call it. And now the mine canary’s dead.

Take my headlamp. I’ll be in the antechamber, huffing the last of the oxygen.

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