House Kills Reid Bill

...under a Rules Suspension requiring a 2/3 majority to pass, of course. The House is adjourned until 1:00PM tomorrow. Sleep well, America.

Meanwhile, 43 Republican Senators have signed a letter declaring they will vote against Reid’s bill tonight, which means he doesn’t have the 60 votes to pass it there, either.

Here’s a great recipe for bulk-quantity macaroni & cheese.

[UPDATE:] Nancy Smash!* put on a hell of a show. “I will not yield!”

*H/T Betty Cracker

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Wait. How the HELL can Reid’s bill be truly voted down in the House before it even comes back from the Senate? I thought the vote in the House today was just posturing applied to the early version of the bill?

And the votedown tonight just means cloture is required, so, theoretically, getting Brown and another three to switch votes in the wee hours of Monday morning could work. Yes, there is a very good chance that the House could still vote it down Monday, but you would think a few sane republicans (like unicorns, they must exist!) would vote differently late Monday than they would today.

Seems like they voted on it so Boehner could say it was a “bipartisan” rejection, because 11 Dems also voted against it. Symbolic posturing, yes.

Reid already has Scott Brown and Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Olympia Snowe. That’s the low-hanging fruit. Three more (at least) are possible, but it’s gonna be tough.

Moments before the vote, Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) warned that the Democrats’ language was bordering on offensive. That came in response to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) saying that House Speaker Boehner (R-OH) had thrown away the chance for bipartisanship and gone to “the dark side” by pushing a bill that would fail in the Senate, thus edging the country closer to default.

As I recall the Republicans initially defeated the TARP bill, causing the stock markets to plummet, because Nancy Pelosi was mean to them.  Now here they go again.  And all she’s doing is stating the truth.  What a bunch of WATBs.

Harry on the floor:

You can put lipstick on it…or even a suit~~but it’s still a filibuster.

Mormon Antoinette says default nothing—-look at the DEBT! Americans should be less concerned about not getting their social security or Veterans’ benefits—tweet, Americans, ask the Fed to show us the money!

I would like to tighten a belt around Orrin Hatch right now. Around his TUMMY, of course!

Well, yes. Putting the feelings of elected Republicans ahead of everything else has been necessary since 1994 and has resulted in an unparalleled time of prosperity for all.

It would actually be refreshing if some elected Democrat stood up & called those Republicans what they are: terrorists holding the US govt hostage.

Oops, “Mormon Antoinette” refers to Orrin “the poor need to tighten their belts” Hatch.

Too many Mormons spoil the snark~

“...let me repeat, he chose to go to the dark side!”
Pelosi for Speaker 2012. Make it so!

This is going nowhere, fast. I smell catastrophe.

Can someone pat my butt and let me know when I can get my head out of the sand?  I’m getting too afraid to watch anymore.

You and me both, Elizabeth. I need to stop looking at the Internet and focus my weekend energy on reading comic books. At least they make sense.

If the first thing cut were congressional salaries, this shit would have been signed months ago. Grrrrrr.

Given the number of millionaires in Congress, about thirty of them would notice, and the rest would figure it out when their accountant asked where the W2 got to sometime around March 1.

I’m watching this video now.  I. Love. Nancy SMASH!  I WILL NOT YIELD!  Don’t ever yield, Nancy SMASH.  Continue to speak power to the truth.

@asiangrrlMN — The original clip didn’t have the “I will not yield” line. I’ve replaced it with the FULL speech, which is even more fun.

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