House Orders Pentagon To Forget All That Science Stuff And Buy The World Some Coke Instead


Think Progress reports:

Earlier this month with the release of the National Climate Assessment, 300 leading climate scientists and experts told Americans in no uncertain terms that time is running out to confront the dangerous impacts of climate change.

This week, 16 military experts agreed, telling Americans in a report that climate change is already threatening national security and the economy. The CNA Corporation Military Advisory Board authored the report, titled “National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change.”

The House of Representatives met that news with a collective raspberry and ordered the Pentagon to fuhgeddabout using any of their funding to address climate change related national security risks, via a party-line passed amendment to this year’s Defense Department budget.

The amendment reads:

None of the funds authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act may be used to implement the U.S. Global Change Research Program National Climate Assessment, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report, the United Nation’s Agenda 21 sustainable development plan, or the May 2013 Technical Update of the Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis Under Executive Order.

Take that Obama, you and your Marxist Executive Orders and Agenda 21 New World Order. 

That little travesty of an amendment was brought to you by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) aka Old King Coal.  McKinley surfed in on the TEA Party wave and hit the ground running with a briefcase full of assignments from his coal industry sponsors.

Three weeks after his swearing-in, Rep McKinley introduced a bill to overturn an Environmental Protection Agency ruling that would help one of his biggest donors, Arch Coal.

A few weeks later, McKinley took another shot at the EPA with a bill to block a proposed EPA rule aimed at regulating coal-ash brick and drywall, materials often recommended, in their bids, by engineering firms like the one McKinley founded and that has done such a booming business in government contracts, for decades, that McKinley was forced to resign when he took office.

I’d say somebody did his homework at Koch Academy . . .

This is not the approach typically taken by House freshmen, who usually stick to broad party platform issues, at least at first.  McKinley, on the other hand, comes up with targeted proposals that assist major donors, skating very close to “Pay to Play” territory.  So far, McKinley hasn’t broken any ethics rules but he certainly is focused on a specific legislative agenda—to deregulate coal—at any cost.  And his donors were verrrry generous when 2012 rolled around.

So what if his mission requires that he periodically has to make a climate-change-denying fool of himself in Congress.  It’s all worth it because all the coal industry really wants is to save the world

“One of the biggest moral responsibilities for the United States should be to help emerging nations out of poverty. The most abundant, affordable source of power is coal” McKinley said, saying that many African countries can generate only enough energy to power one 60-watt light bulb per person per day. “This president must not prevent people around the globe from attaining affordable energy.”

Katie Martin, a McKinley spokeswoman, put it this way:

West Virginia is coal, and coal is West Virginia. It’s the economic engine of the state. Cap-and-trade, a direct attack on that way of life, was one of Rep. McKinley’s chief motivations for running. Now that he’s elected, he’s doing what he said he would — fighting tooth and nail to stop the EPA’s war on coal and protect the industry along with the tens of thousands of West Virginians it employs.

I take that to mean that those “tens of thousands of West Virginians” are somehow far more important than the life of the planet and all of the human race it supports.

McKinley has said that oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency will be one of his top priorities and he is calling for greenhouse gas rules to be revised and “base them on fact rather than political jargon.”

What kinds of facts do you suppose he’d accept . . . ?

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Wasn’t there something in their sacred book about not letting money be your master?  Or is that just one of the many parts that are ignored as inconveniences I suppose…

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