Hungry For You—Mitt Romney’s Ode To Obama’s Swing State Poll Numbers

OK, let’s see: 5 days to lift-off, hours of cheesy synth tracks; a third-rate Captain Spaulding chasing a minstrel in blackface, and a crappy word puzzle that nobody cares about. Yep, that’s Mitt Romney in the Home Stretch…with nothing to hope for, except maybe that everyone else won’t forget about him. Good luck with that one, Mitt.

(by StrangeAppar8us, as dictated to Mrs. Polly)

You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything
I’ll kiss you from your feet
To where your head begins
You’re so perfect you’re so right as rain
You make me
Make me hungry again

Everything you do is irresistable
Everything you do is simply kissable
Why can’t I be you?

I’ll run around in circles
Til I run out of breath
I’ll eat you all up
Or I’ll just hug you to death
You’re so wonderful
Too good to be true
You make me
Make me hungry for you

Everything you do is simply delicate
Everything you do is quite angelicate
Why can’t I be you?

You turn my head when you turn around
You turn the whole world upside down
I’m smitten I’m bitten I’m hooked I’m cooked
I’m stuck like glue
You make me
Make me hungry for you

Everything you do is simply dreamy
Everything you do is quite delicious
Why can’t I be you?
Why can’t I be you?
Why can’t I be you?

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Strange! Good to see you, brother.

Yep, that’s Mitt Romney in the Home Stretch…with nothing to hope for, except maybe that everyone else won’t forget about him.

Guess he doesn’t realize that more than half of the Free World is longing to forget about him and praying that Ann keeps the “family pants on” and stands firm on “No Mo Mitt!”

Shout out to Team Romney: Willard’s concession theme song:  It Sucks To Be Me . . . [Avenue Q]

Hey Strange,

What Betty said.  Peace.

Hey, Strange!

What a long, strange trip this election cycle has been.  Romney is the weirdest candidate I’ve ever seen in my 53 years.  I can’t wait until this is over.

Dr. Strange!  Good to see you posting again!  And wishing the Mittbot a speedy trip to obscurity after 11/6.

Starting November 7 Mittens can go back to turning workers out in the streets and cheating on his taxes full time.

Strange, great to have you back, thanks for posting this!

Yeah, I got that video on a Cure dvd a few years back, I remember being surprised to see the blackface.  Maybe it wasn’t considered racist in the UK to wear it in 1987?

I’ve been volunteering here with the local campaign office.  Not just because Obama is the best POTUS I’m likely to see in my lifetime, but because I want to see a lot of heads explode on Tuesday night.  He’s been the target of perhaps the worst hate campaign in U.S. history.  I’d love to see all the conspiracy theories blow up in their collective face!

That videa reminded me of a costume party gone awry, and that’s a pretty good metaphor for the Romney campaign as well.

Good seeing you, Strange.

@JasonM I’m also, too looking forward to the exploding heads just be careful not to get any on you . . . Daniel Larison at The American Conservative made some pretty good predictions about which heads would explode in which directions—pretty entertaining: happens-if-romney-loses/ happens-if-romney-loses-ii/

Once again, Strange makes me realize that I missed a lot of the music of my late college era by being married to a “classical only” guy.  He’s gone (thanks to the FSM!), and I’ve got a REAL husband now. 

Strange, good to hear/read from you again!

I’m not sure if thisis getting through, so I’m trying again. Glad to see you back Strange! I check here every so often and then today, Whoops, there it is. Glad you’re back, my friend. Looking forward to more bon mots!

I can’t think of a politician whom I’ve more wanted to forget about than Mitt Fucking Romney.  Another change-the-channel, turn-down-the-volume Republican embarrassment to humanity.  Where do they find these people?

Welcome back, Strange.

Not to jinx the proceedings, but a playlist for the SWEET sound of wingnut sobbing might be in order.

Glad to hear you chime in Strange.

Hooray - the Strange oracle speaks!! Got back to my mum’s last night, after a long convoluted drive from Newark airport to Westchester - she’d been without power since Monday, and within 2 hours of my arrival, the lights were on - and then, next day, a post from Strange! Life’s good sometimes ... Hope all Sandy-affected Roasters are either okay or approaching the return to civilisation-as-we-know-it, especially the flooded ones.

StrangeAppar8us you say? Hmm. Name rings a bell.

What a delight to see the old nym paired with the old snark.

Someone on twitter offered 5 million $ to drink Mitts tears on election night. Har! I guess we can be grateful that we won’t see him on the Sunday morning Republican fapfests for the next four years. I have a feeling he is going to be persona non grata post election. But what the hell do I know?

guess we can be grateful that we won’t see him on the Sunday morning Republican fapfests for the next four years

From your keyboard to Joseph Smith’s ears, JS~~but if Willard Mitt isn’t given a soft pillow and a crying towel by David Gregory every weekend, it’ll only be ‘cos McCain refuses to hand them over.

I haven’t checked to see if the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver is likely to hold onto his congressional seat. But the more free time for him, the more carping and lying he can do on FOX~~provided the Desperate Fishwife doesn’t use her mackerel-wacker on him. Sharing is four thirds of Sharia, you know.

Desperate Fishwife doesn’t use her mackerel-wacker on him.

Ha! You’re killin me!

I love you, Strange.  Can’t describe how happy I am to see your name on the bottom of a Rumproast post again.  ::hugs::

All that love, right back atcha! Today is officially a year and a day since I killed myself with my father’s gun, and every moment I spend on Rumproast is just proof positive that I was lucky that didn’t work out as planned.

Enjoy the Cure. This was my favorite song back in 1987, when it was still only three minutes long and had a hummable tune.

Yay! Strange is in the house!

Hiya Strange! Good to have you here—in all senses of “here.”

I’m celebrating Election Eve’s Eve by reviewing a production of “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” (Note to self: check whiskey and morphine supplies for tomorrow and possibly for next four-eight years.)

As for blackface, apparently it is alive and well in Germany.

But that’s okay, because it’s not as if that’s a country with a complicated history of racial discrimination.

Comment by Oblomova on 11/05/12 at 10:02 AM
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