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As LTMidnight pointed out in the comments to gil’s post down yonder, PUMA’s BAAAACK. Or something very like it. Because it worked out so well last time. HuffPo’s Sam Stein reports:

Huffington Post reader Andrew Rohrberger (via an Off The Bus submission) grabbed a copy of the audio of the “Run Hillary 2012” robocalls that are reportedly being made in an attempt to persuade the secretary of state to run for the White House.

The script leads one to believe we’d be living in a veritable utopia if only Clinton had won in 2008.

America would be better off today if Hillary Clinton was our president. The Wall Street robber barons would be jailed, young people could afford college and find jobs and six million homeowners wouldn’t face foreclosure. We need to change our course. Please sign our petition to draft Hillary Clinton for president.

Clinton’s not running, of course. And it’s remarkable to see that people are still holding out hope that she might change her mind. That said, the call represents an extreme version of the type of buyer’s remorse that Obama faces in the months ahead.

Sure, Sam, some disgruntled and highly gullible self-proclaimed lefties are ripe for the ratfucking picking. From the Left:

I can’t say I am surprised by any of this. President Obama’s support is tepid at best and among some demographic groups, nonexistent. If there was ever an election campaign ripe for a third party challenger, I believe 2012 is it.

If Hillary decides to jump in at the 11th hour, she will have my support and the support of my Blog.

Well, polls this far out are pretty meaningless, but about that “tepid support.” Do you mean among Democrats?

The narrative that Obama is losing the base was debunked by a new CNN poll which found that support for the renomination of the president has tied an all-time high.

The CNN poll found that overall 81% of those surveyed thought that the Democratic Party should nominate Obama again. Only 18% of respondents thought that the Democratic Party should go with a different candidate.

Or do you mean among the electorate at large?

Aided by comparison to the vastly unpopular Congress, Barack Obama has advanced to a 49 percent job approval rating in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll - his best showing since spring, and one that, if it holds, that may put his re-election prospects back within reach.

Run Hillary 2012.net was registered through a proxy service and there’s no contact info at all on the site, so whoever’s behind it evidently doesn’t want to be publicly identified. Funny that.

Still, since the Republicans seem determined to reenact the 2008 Democratic primary, it’s only fair and balanced to stage a repeat of Operation Chaos 2008 on the Democratic side. All is not lost, as some of the posts in Run Hillary 2012.net’s “Join the conversation” section are a hoot (and could probably be made even hootier *hint* *hint*):

A Robo Call Message
posted about 6 hours ago by The Improver

Here’s my message to you.

I am going to find out who is beyond this insignificant website and make sure your Robo Calls are shut down.
So you can SHOVE your childish strategy, SHOVE your interrupting me and my life, and SHOVE your freaking ridiculous message about Clinton.

A guarantee
posted about 4 hours ago by lonebear

You will never get my vote. Robocalling to cry over your spilt milk is to stoop to R tactics.

Larry said about an hour ago
What else would you expect from Republicans? They know they stand very little chance of getting anyone in their clown car elected President so they hope to disrupt the Democrats by planting false flags like this crud.

How about you list all your donors and their contributions? I bet there would be some familiar names & no friends of the Democratic Party.

Thanks for the robocall, y’all
posted 13 minutes ago by bakunin77

It really opened my eyes. How stupid I was to support Obama! We all know how much the Republicans love and respect Hillary Clinton. If she’d been elected in 2008, everything the Democratic Party tried to do would have had enthusiastic support from the GOP!

Ah well, no use crying for what might have been. It’s a shame we elected a half-Kenyan usurper who can’t even spell “American” without a teleprompter in 2008, but in 2012 we can fix that mistake.

Keep robocalling, guys! Help America wake up to the truth!

Jon Brooks at KQED News adds:

Apparently, this is a multi-state campaign. Published reports from the New York Daily News and Politico say the calls have been received in New York, North Carolina, and Ohio.

And now California…

Which may put a stop to this nonsense pretty quick, because:

The California Public Utilities Code specifically makes robo calls that are not preceded by a live human operator illegal.

Of course, when it comes to the old ODS and manic progressives, there’s one born every minute. I mean, some useful idiots are still falling for Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen’s schtick.

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From the “From the Left” comments:

Hillary’s army of supporters are ready to come ashore and fight for the cause. Just like the Allied forces came ashore at Normandy and changed the course of WWII. An army made up of disenfranchised women from 2008, gays, lesbians, Hispanics and dare I say, African Americans who haven’t been too impressed with Obama.

Yep, it would be just like D-Day! And African Americans can’t stand the president and are sick of seeing photos of the Obama family in the White House. They’ll turn out en masse to vote for Romney just to send that message. Also too, the LGBT community despises the president for enacting that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. A Clinton would never do such an awful thing.

It would be hard to match the self-deluding capacity of the Conservatives4Palin peeps, but the hardcore PUMAs do it. It’s almost like they’re the same people…

So I looked at that From the Left blog, and how colossally stupid/PUMA it is generally… But the thing that really stuck out to me was the post about horses being slaughtered for meat.

It just illustrates the PUMA mindset - Oh, the pretty horses! How could he, the field? etc.

What a bunch of cretins. A horse is just a cow that can run faster.

From the Left? The guy’s name is Christopher, and he used to call Hillary “The Queen of AIPAC” on The Left Coaster back in 2007. I guess Obama’s failure on LGTB issues turned him PUMA. Ha! He was a frequent commenter back then; must have found wingnut welfare more to his liking.

*fiend.  Derp.

Speaking of lost causes and being delusional the folks over at C4P are wetting themselves about Snowbilly’s interviews saying “it’s not too late”

But the thing that struck me the most as her response to the big question…..I played it back about 20 times and her response was very firm and she only blinked once during the whole response with her eyes looking straight into the camera….She said “there still is time for folks to get in, and I don’t know, who knows what will happen in the future”....She was very open not shy about wanting to answer that question….Her high energy level and the sparkle in her eyes were really evident tonite…She is really reconsidering…or this may have been the plan the whole time….Take your pick

Oh and now for A $100.00 donation to SarahPac you get a “signed” DVD of The Undefeated.  I have visions of these poor people sitting in their living rooms surrounded by piles and piles of DVDs.

It’s almost like they’re the same people…


IRL I know several women who were dedicated to Hillary during the primary. They are now huge fans of our President.

Did someone say, “HINT?”

posted about an hour ago by BumpItMcCarthy
Hillary Clinton is the One. She can warp the fabric of time/space. She can toss back whiskey with the big boys. She knows how to repot a jade tree. She is an expert at throat singing. She has never said no to another piece of baklava. She remains supple in zero degree weather. She can tell igneous rock from metamorphic. Her burps smell of violets. DRAFT HER! DRAFT HER! DRAFT ME, um, HER!

The California Public Utilities Code specifically makes robo calls that are not preceded by a live human operator illegal.

If the calls have music, I bet it’s used without permission. Just how the Redoublechins roll.

Betty, the only thing missing from that comment you quote is “Was it over when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor?”

Meatprod now saying that it was “never about Hillary”.

Perpetual Groundhog Day, with a dash of revisionism. Nice.

*fiend.  Derp.

Mike, this being PUMAS, I assume that “field” was correct and that you had just shortened it. I mean, it’s easy to imagine a PUMA who actually referred to Obama as a “field hand” who got “uppity.”

Does this mean we get to see Lady DeFrosted DeLovely deLynn DeLiteful prance down the runway and do her special magic?  Be still my heart.

(BTW, often I click Submit and get faced with an error screen that tells me I didn’t fill in the magic word exactly right, when I so did.  Then I have to pretend to Preview, and THEN it works.  WTF?)

Those polls are measuring whether Democrats want Obama nominated again, not whether real, progressive Democrats want Obama nominated .

And the answer with them is ‘no’.

How do I know> I asked them. All 23 of them.

I live in Maryland, and I got one of the robocalls yesterday on my message machine. I listened to only the first couple of sentences before hanging up with a hearty “#$%^ you.” It occurred to me immediately that this might be a Republican effort to sow dissension, but either way—how stupid do they think I am?

Mike, this being PUMAS, I assume that “field” was correct and that you had just shortened it. I mean, it’s easy to imagine a PUMA who actually referred to Obama as a “field hand” who got “uppity.”

Well, then, it was entirely intentional. Or something.

This has false flag op written all over it.  I suppose it is chum for the PUMA’s, but the ones bitching the most about Obama are the ones much farther to his left.  Leave it to a Rethug ratfuck organization to NOT know that; it would be more effective to go with a false flag for Nader or one of his buds.  Because we all know deep in our hearts and rethug ID’s that there is no such thing as to the left of Obama!

There is of course one quick way to shut all this false flag crap down: Hillary can announce that while it is nice and heartwarming and all, she has no intention of seeking the nomination and these calls have absolutely nothing to do with her or her wishes and desires.  She probably will at some point (if this story is allowed to penetrate the DC bubble), but letting the rethugs blow some of their cash in the meantime probably isn’t such a bad idea.  Having it publically blow up in their faces would be fun too, preferable on national TV.

If Secretary Clinton does publicly announce she’s not running in response to this crap, it’ll be the latest in a series of such announcements. Honest to god, the PUMAs & Palinites (pardon the redundancy) are in Elvis death-denial territory here.

Did someone say, “HINT?”

He now says “ROFL.”

(BTW, often I click Submit and get faced with an error screen that tells me I didn’t fill in the magic word exactly right, when I so did.  Then I have to pretend to Preview, and THEN it works.  WTF?)

I have the same problem.

(BTW, often I click Submit and get faced with an error screen that tells me I didn’t fill in the magic word exactly right, when I so did.  Then I have to pretend to Preview, and THEN it works.  WTF?)

Sounds like a reoccurrence of our dreaded captcha SNAFU. Glad you’ve found a workaround. I’ll mention it to admin.

Maybe we should think about having a registration drive again soon, then if you want to sign up, you’ll never need to worry about the magic word ever again.

I have to tell someone this:

Rick Perry apparently referred to Kim Jong-Il as “Kim Jong the Second.”  What’s next?  “Malcolm the Tenth”?

As a disenfranchised three-fer (Asian, bi, female), PUMAS and/or C4P can kiss my flat yellow ass.  I’m ride-or-die for Obama in 2012 (note, this does NOT mean I endorse everything he does), meaning I WILL ride over anyone in my way - and then impale him/her with my rusty pitchfork™ as I gallop away.

Rick Perry apparently referred to Kim Jong-Il as “Kim Jong the Second.” 

Shades of the confusion around The Madness of King George III, which had to be retitled The Madness of King George for the US market to avoid clogging up the checkouts with punters insisting on ordering Parts I and II.

PUMAs & Palinites (pardon the redundancy) are in Elvis death-denial territory here.

I just saw Elvis in Walmart. He was dealing with a wet cleanup in aisle 5. (Actually, I lie-I don’t shop at MallWort. I’m afraid of those “People of Walmart™” people).

Is it me or is she looking more and more crazed when she does “opinion” pieces? Thank God she quit. The Sea of Pee idjits can have her.

Another gay dude with mommy issues pining for what could have been.

If Hillary decides to jump in at the 11th hour, she will have my support and the support of my Blog.

That should pretty much do it for her. She’s in!

I guess Christopher didn’t want people to see his misogynistic past, where he calls Hillary a slimeball, and Pelosi “Botox Pelosi” among other things. He even posted my IP address! Excuse me while I go clean off my countertops before the troops arrive.

Blog fight! Joe Cannon called Crawdad Hole a “ratfucking” site, Meatprod removed him from the blog roll. Good times.

My goodness, they really have their knickers in a twist over all this: so protective of the precious PUMA brand, “We weren’t consulted,” “It’s Hillaryis44” (as if they could organize even something as stupid as this).

I didn’t bother going into the Run Hillary 2012 “a project of the 99%” tagline in the post because by its very nature anybody can claim that (including Mitt Romney, apparently) and it’s such a laughably blatant pander among the many others in this risible enterprise.

I’m just glad that resident Occupy Wall Street expert Riverdaughter’s around to set Joe right on what the OWS party line is.

Still, a couple of neat conspiracy theories from the Cannonfire comments:

It’s a pro-Obama group trying to discredit the idea of challenging Obama by making it look as if mainly Conservative groups are behind a primary challenge. In other words, it’s “twelve dimensional” Obama propaganda.

Butbutbut it’s working. Joe was up for following Caddell and Schoen’s lead:

A day ago, my knee-jerk response would have been “Right on!” But the robocall mystery, which reeks of Republican ratfucking, forces me to think twice. Thrice.

And wheee!

Interesting that one of the assholes from rump roast is a member.

Tangled webs and all that.

My god, I posted 3 insulting comments, and the guy put in a complaint saying I was bombarding his site. I knew he was a thin skinned asshole, but I didn’t think anyone on the left would try to harm someone in real life. I have a disabled daughter at home. What if someone hurts her???

Twinky, they can’t track precisely where you live or who you are. You might conceivably hear from your ISP, but they may well just think he’s a childish prat and leave it at that, or even take action against him if someone complains that he’s using IP info to invite RL harassment.

Thanks, YAFB, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I was talking with a friend last night - she said it suddenly hit her that the world is different from the one we grew up in and it’s not ever going to snap back to normal. Sad. She said the only thing that’ll stop the next generation from going all Logan’s Run on us is that they won’t know what it means cos it’s and old movie! I’m afraid she’s right.

The only people who can figure out your ID and address from IP info are your ISP, and law enforcement if they got a subpoena. I doubt it’ll come to that! It’s still a shitty thing for him to do.

I think you have a little backup on the complaint he’s made if you have a look. Looking at the IP lookup forum, they seem much more concerned with serious hacks etc. You might want to think about making your own complaint about his invitation to “clip your wings,” whatever that means. Other than that, I’d suggest leaving the fecker alone to his sad life.

I saw your posting, thanks. And yes, I have enough unstable people in my life, so I’m staying away. Sheesh.

You might want to think about putting in a complaint to Wordpress, FWIW. Simply publicizing an IP address doesn’t seem to contravene their terms and conditions, but encouraging someone to do something with it might do:

If you operate a blog, comment on a blog, post material to the Website, post links on the Website, or otherwise make (or allow any third party to make) material available by means of the Website (any such material, “Content”), You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content.

I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a good idea. I’d make a horrible bad guy. Thanks!

Bwahaha! Try to click through to page 2 of the “Join the conversation” section, and this is what greets you:

Page Limit Reached

Service Limit Reached!

There are more topics in forum, but the free version of this software is only able to display the 15 most recently active topics.
To allow unlimited access to this forum the admin needs to upgrade.

Page Limit Reached

Those Koch $ must have been held up in the Christmas mail.

Joe Cannon called Crawdad Hole a “ratfucking” site

Sweet!  I was wantin’ me some hot (big-)cat-on-rat, and now I know where to find it.

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