I Came By It Honestly

Mama-san Don't Care

Poll, if I may interrupt for a second, I am really irritated at the way they allow Newt Gingrich to continue living on.

—my mother, at noon, and not a drop taken (so far).

Mama-San arrived yesterday, with her traditional complement of leftovers in baggies, family-size bottles of vino in case Chez Polly does not provide, and the non-crushable Shirt Which Must Be Carried Separately, which must not be housed in any kind of luggage, but travel with its own hanger, not to be confused with any other hanger which could not possibly be as good.  I had been introducing her to Charles Pierce with this piece, which is how we got to Newt, though with Mama-San, we could just as easily have gotten from there to her hatred of English toast racks or “EC cetera.” 

My nonagenarian mother will be here taking care of me while I do a four-day internship taking care of youngsters in their eighties, starting Christmas Eve. So if I don’t get another chance to say it, Roasters, how rare and wonderful it is to spend another year with you! And Merry Whatever You Wish.

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Have a wonderful holiday everyone. I’m still doing mad baking (have to break it up over several days to save the back), but will be ready for the day! One kid won’t be here (by choice) but everyone else, including a neighbor, will be round our table come Christmas day! Hope your is happy and full of family, friends, and love. :)

As my four-year-old-reincarnated-hippie-of-a-grand-daughter is fond of saying: “Peace Out,” Roasters.

May the New Year bring us just a little bit more of what we strive for and dream of.

Good for yo mama. I hate “ECK cetera” too. Idjits!

Those youngsters are very lucky to be in your tender and capable hands, Mrs. P.

The last few days have been a whirl of playing catch-up trying to finish the latest round of combating entropy in this sadly once-neglected house. Then today, as is our tradition, I headed up the forestry track just up the hill and found a weed pine tree that was crowded by another and was never going to see maturity, and snaffled it for the season. It’s now gracing our living room, decorated in the gloriously tasteless gaud that Ms. YAFB and I have accumulated over our lifetimes.

2012’s been quite a year, and ... it’s not over yet. I’m overjoyed that the frontpagers who generously agreed to join us earlier this year have settled in so well, and similarly overjoyed to see some of our old pals return to blogging after enduring their own travails. And to still have our loyal visitors and commenters stick with us through the difficult times and share the lunacy of the election in such spectacular fashion, and now its aftermath, is the cherry on the Christmas cake.

I’m hoping to return to blogging myself pretty soon, once this daft shoulder thing’s settled down and life’s a bit less crazy. Right now, just reading and lurking is a pleasure in itself. Thanks to you all for hanging in there, and may the season bring everything you wish, for yourselves and others.

Poll, I’m very irritated at the way they allow Newt to keep living on too and I think it’s time we did something about it! ;-)

Happy holidays everyone.  And good luck with the internship Mrs. P.  I’m sure Mama-San and Mr. P. will be busily circling each other while you’re gone.

Thanks, Mar. And can hardly wait to see you back in action, YAFB, to say nothing of our own Strange, who, though he blogs through me, is still on the mend. I need to update you all on him, and have his permission to do so; it’s a matter of finding the energy. I have to apologize for the irregularity of status reports, especially where the Fundraiser is concerned, but it has been quite the year for us here at the Roast. I resolve not to break the resolution of posting an accounting of the StrangeTrust in the New Year.

Mama-San has just suggested that since I have to get up brutally early tomorrow, I should be conked on the head with a croquet mallet. So thanks to you all, and to all a good night. Geez Mom, will you put that thing down already?

That is the best Blingee ever! Happy Festivus, everyone!

Happy Return Of Longer Days to one and all! 

This is the blog I ‘belong to’, and I will never forget the wild welcome words transmitted by Strange as my entry gift.  This place is special…

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