I find Ann Althouse’s talking vomitsome

Ann Althouse live-blogged the debate tonight and the Gallo brothers made everyone work a double shift:

10:19: Obama is confronted with his “most liberal” ranking. I find his talking tiresome and will need to check the transcript to see if he said anything interesting.

10:33: In lieu of a closing statement, each is asked about the other, and many tedious words are blabbed. Arghhh! I hit the wall after that reject-and-denounce fiasco.

11:18: So what did you think of “American Idol”? Did David Cook deserved to be slammed for liking crossword puzzles when the other guys were about tennis and drag racing? Cook was the hardest rocker… yet somehow he’s a pussy because he’s — by his own admission — a “word nerd.” Tonight was interesting because 2 guys who were unimpressive last week were really good: Chikezie and David Hernandez. I really liked Hernandez doing “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” — it was 70s night — what a great song. Now, I’m watching the adorable, scream-inducing David Archuleta singing “Imagine.” Randy — who loves him — asks why he skipped the first verse. David does not say because it’s against religion, just that he had to cut it shorter and he likes the last verse best, but I think he didn’t want to disrespect religion. Now Paula says she wants to hang him from her rear view mirror, which I suppose means she thinks he’s Jesus. [...] [and it goes on and on and on…—ed.]

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I hit the wall after that Chikezie-and-Hernandez fiasco.

Damn.  Funny ‘cause it’s true, but also so, so sad…

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