I hate white people

Example #1: Larry “Flowbee” Johnson (here, too)

Example #2: Lou Dobbs…

Cotton… wha?!? [via TPM]


Example #3: MyHRC’s current #1 recommended diary (as of 3/31 10:24PM ET): “Barack Obama is the George Wallace of the Left” (of course, this was crossposted over at Flowbee’s Fortress of Fucknuttery).

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For one scintilla of a nanosecond you can see Dobbs processing the potentially career ending utterance he is about to spew and he backs off. There’s a reason he is paid millions of dollars and is considered a Beacon of American Rectitude and the Way and the Light. He is honey-tongued and enraptured by the sound of his own voice but he knows when to pull the plug. Oh how I wish he had completed that phrase!!!!!

You both are assuming he made a mistake and misspoke. I say it’s just as likely that he planned this little ‘flub’ to get the message out there. Remember: plausible deniability is your friend. Yeah, I’m talkin to you, Clinton & Clinton!

Wow, that’s some major white dick-dom going on there.  Everyone knows Dobbs and Flowbee are far gone, but is that Wallace post the kind of thing that should be recommended at what’s supposed to be one of the premier netroots sites on the web?

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