I just voted! Yay!

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun voting against someone as I did this morning not voting for Carl “Horrible Fucking Person” Paladino. Yay! Please post your election reports in the comments. I was surprised how many people were voting in Brooklyn at 6:15 am (especially considering there are no nail-biters here), but I’ve never voted that early so maybe it’s normal.

SIDE NOTE: This is our first general election in New York using paper ballots and, boy, do they suck. Thanks, “progressives”! (Heh.) Extremely small type and lots of confusion regarding what to do with the ballots once you filled them out. I’m glad I went early because the polling sites are going to be a mess during prime time today.

EARLY MORNING FUNNY: We were chatting with a man on the way out about how small the print was on the ballots and I told him, “I just looked for the marijuana leaves.”

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Just back from voting in Queens. Small print on the ballot was the only minor inconvenience. Didn’t like the multiple issues on ballot question 2. Could be cause for legal challenge. I agree with your observation about later voting. The elderly and visually impaired will have a tough time with the new system.

The elderly and visually impaired will have a tough time with the new system.

Yeah, my eyes aren’t what they used to be and I forgot to bring my glasses. I can only imagine how hard those ballots are going to be for the elderly.

nanute, where are you? I lived in Sunnyside for a couple of years.

I’m going soon! And I completed my OFA assignment by haranguing 3 possible non-midterm voters mercilessly until they agreed to vote today. I will hound them again later today to make sure they do.

The bar and the polling station are two blocks apart, they both open at 8, and they’re both on the way to buy cigarettes.

My plan is set.

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun voting against someone as I did this morning not voting for Carl “Horrible Fucking Person” Paladino.

Heck, I’ve been looking back over my voting career and I can’t recall an election where my overwhelming primary motivation wasn’t an attempt to stop some horror happening. But then I’ve always been pretty far left. I don’t buy this “that’s not enough” guff I’ve read numerous times elsewhere. It is what it is.

Good luck, everyone. Our UK media’s bought the prevailing meme that it’s all over already. Let’s hope you write tomorrow’s craw-eating headlines for them.

Eee! A lieburul voted! Voter Fraud! Voter Fraud!

We do mail in ballots and my daughter finally dropped hers off yesterday after weeks of browbeating. Go Patty Murray! My son and I noticed that after the big windstorm last week, only the Dem signs were blown over. And they kept falling over until only the Dino Rossi signs were still standing. A Halloween miracle, perhaps?

True story…I accidently voted for a teabagger!!

For a local county position, but still.  In WV candidates are not allowed to post party affiliation on campaign literature or signs.  And I voted for anybody willing to fight our privately-owned-corrupt-water-utility company (trying to raise water rates 72% this year to the highest in the nation)....so anyway, after early voting on Thursday came home to see an article in the paper where the guy I voted for attends all. the. teabagger. meetings.


I’m sorry, LMC, but we’re going to have to ban you. ;)

Just got back from voting, and my polling place was doing a very brisk business—similar to 2008. I’m in an elderly wingnut district, so that’s not exactly good news. But hopefully more progressive FL districts are also busy.

Here at Casa justlen we mailed in 4 ballots for Patty Murray weeks ago. While I like the mail-in system because it reduces voter fraud I do miss going to the polls.

At least I have those pesky caucuses to look forward to.

My poll was light, but it always is early on. Lots of seniors and carless people up here, and working Joes who’ll vote after 5. As always, its the serious high-functioning drunks who were up and voting ahead of everyone else. Every two years, I get to see what they look like sober…at least until 8:15.

Are you ready to rumble? I just did my part to keep Linda McMahon out of the Senate. (Though I have to admit I find the thought of The Senate RAW, with live telecast wrestling on the Senate floor amusing.)

What I really want to know, though, is if marindenver voted for or against Ballot Initiative 300. :-)

Comment by J. on 11/02/10 at 09:05 AM

I just got back from voting. They had moved our voting place from one church to another one in close proximity, so I don’t know how that made any difference, but there you go.

The poll worker who took my name didn’t seem to know what she was doing. I showed my ID, and asked for a paper ballot. In Ohio you have the choice between paper and electronic. The other poll workers looked surprised when I asked for the paper ballot, and I explained that in the past I had voted on an electronic machine and the printer jammed. No one could tell me if my vote was counted or not. I told the worker that I needed to sign the log; she didn’t even seem to know that. WTF?

So I filled out my ballot, and at least for Ohio voters, the print
was large and clear. I put it in the envelope and returned it to the worker, who held open the canvas bag for paper ballots. I stuck mine in, noticing it was the only one in there.

I am not going to watch the news or turn on the radio today. I am going to work in my studio with my favorite music playing and pretend that the end of the world as we know it is not happening. Thanks, REM.

I’m in College Point. I’ll be out of pocket till tomorrow. I’ll check back with you then.

I just did my part to keep Linda McMahon out of the Senate

J, thank you!  I’ll be going after lunch to make sure that doesn’t happen.

On Halloween, our local state rep was in the neighborhood handing out candy and she had a friend with her dressed like Linda McMahon (complete with blond wig and WWE belt), handing out $20’s.

Mailed my ballot in last week, haven’t been by my polling place which is just up the street (still getting over a 24-hour stomach bug—which will probably be exacerbated by watching poll results). But since I live in one of the hippiest-dippiest North Side neighborhoods, I’m sure the Dems are polling well here. My out-of-ass prediction is that Alexi gets the Senate seat (barely) and Bill Brady gets the governor’s mansion (barely)—and then Brady joins Ryan and Blago in a three-way in the Big House.

Also, I watched “The Great McGinty” last night to get me in the mood.

Comment by Oblomova on 11/02/10 at 11:09 AM

My problem with that movie is that it doesn’t really end.  Also, much as Sturges’ view of political corruption is so archetypically southern, that you realize just why the northern states had it so good.  “Hmmmph.  Guvment buildin’ stuff is a scam!”

Dropped off my ballot (Washington State does only mail-in ballots, but I like to hand-deliver mine to the county clerk’s office) last thursday.

Hopefully Washington will hand Rossi his third loss.

John, I just love that he brings McGinty and The Boss back for The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek—when it’s clear that there really isn’t any timeframe that would allow for McGinty to do all that stuff for Norval in the latter.

Fingers crossed for you, Patrick!

It’s what De Vattel would have wanted.

Oh, yeah.  And the pair’s lengthy deus ex machina moment wherein blatant political corruption saves the day is a thing of beauty.

And as for The Great McGinty—the wife and stepkids should have come into the bar at the end.  That’s all I’m saying.  Every other Sturges movie has that little moment at the end that suggests that as awful as things can get, people aren’t so bad at times.

What I really want to know, though, is if marindenver voted for or against Ballot Initiative 300. :-)

LOL, J.  I voted agin it. ;-)

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