I need a hug from Krugman

I’ve been steering clear of writing about the bailout because economics isn’t my strong suit.  My brief analysis is that I don’t like that the events of today were decided by know-nothing grassroots “populists*,” John McCain phoning it in, Nancy Pelosi’s bad-hair-day speech, drool-cupped house Republicans bellowing “let’s done make things worserer!”, and John Boehner’s extra-fluffy fainting couch.

If I were you, I’d read Jim Newell’s take on the utter ridiculousnesses of today and then go use your credit card (while it still works) and buy as much booze as your credit limit can handle.

* Before anyone jumps all over me for this, I realize there are a lot of smart citizens (and fellow progressives) who were against this bailout for educated and principled reasons.  I just believe that a vast majority of the angry voters who were calling up their congresscritters to complain about the bill were dull-eyed dimwits egged on by wrong-about-everything nutters like Limbaugh and Hannity.

MORE: John Cole looks at the absurdity of the Republicans’ response to the failure of the bailout bill, including a video of Barney Frank delivering a wonderful zinger.

UPDATE: This Kos diary makes sense to me, but your mileage may vary.  And the title of this diary explains succinctly who has the temperament and intelligence to be the next president of the United States and who very clearly doesn’t.

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Oh God, McBush is on the news right now blaming the failure on Obama and the Democrats…

I heard on the radio the Dow closed down -777, which is a 7% loss. Lots of 7s there, no? I don’t know doodly-squat about how the market works. But I do know that I have been reluctant to open my quarterly 401(k) reports without a stiff drink in hand for several quarters now. I think I’ll throw the next one directly into the shredder. There ain’t enough booze in the world.

I can see people’s problems with the bill, but in my (uninformed) opinion, something needs to be done. Those motherfuckers need to get their asses back to C Hill and hammer out some goddamned piece of legislation or another.

And fucking Boehner—what a whiny piece of shit. He couldn’t deliver the votes because Nancy P hurt the GOP lawmakers’ feelings? Jesus H. Christ, what a bunch of tender, delicate blossoms. Strawberry Shortcake and Sparkle Pony are made of sterner stuff.

“I would just like to thank John McCain—inventor of the Blackberry, life long POW, Maverick reformer, bipartisan wonderman—for getting this bill passed…..WHAT THE FUCK THE BILL DIDN’T PASS?......I would like to blame the black guy for the failure of this bill and that white lady who hurt my colleagues’ feelings and tell that gay congressman to stop laughing at us.”

iceberg - best summary I’ve seen yet.

Agree—- iceberg, dat was good!

Thanks Marin and Pop.  If you liked that perhaps one of you would be willing to buy my restaurant in NYC.  Now that no one is going to be able to afford to go out to eat I would really like to sell it to someone.  It’s a very nice place and practically runs itself.  Takers?

I’ll go in halves with marin ...

I’m actually kind of interested -  maybe we can turn it into a co-op and all make money!!!  I think we’re going to need alternative businesses in the near future.  Dang.

Sold! to Pop and Marin.
P.S. don’t plan on making any money.

marin can keep the books—I’ll bus the tables.

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