I saw “Star Trek” last night!

This was my favorite part…

Seriously, who’s seen it and what did you think? I’m not a Trekkie but I thought it was good fun. Not quite the extraordinary cinematic achievement the endlessly great reviews and ecstatic personal endorsements are making it out to be, but a pretty solid and enjoyable ride.

Oh, one other thing, fuck Wolverine. Hard.

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I got to see it last Thursday night. If you don’t get all wound up about the Star Trek canon, it’s a pretty fun film.

The Spock/Uhuru thing was a little jarring, but a friend who’s much more into the series says it answered a few questions.

Oh yeah - fuck Woverine.

The Spock/Uhuru thing was a little jarring…

Okay, now I’ve got to see it and damn quick, deadlines and work overload be damned! I’m a pretty big fan of the original series and TNG, though I would never attend a convention or wear fake ears or anything.

Chris and I have started a fun little routine of meeting Tuesday nights for discounted shows ($6.50) at a local theater. I guess next Tuesday we’re checking out Angels & Demons. We meet for dinner before the show and last night I was psyched to try grilled steak with a Jameson whiskey cream sauce at an Irish pub near the theater, but they were out of steak, so I settled for this.

p.s. I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but it’s my b-day week (tomorrow’s the big day), so I’m fully invested in eating poorly clean through Sunday.

You share a b-day with my brother, then. Cheers!

TNG and ‘the Caitlins’

I am the father of one of the many ‘Caitlins’ who appeared on planet Earth in the late 80’s early 90’s.

My wife chose the name because it was unusual sounded cool.

She came across the name the same way hundreds of thousands of other parents did in the same time period. From the credits of Star Trek, the Next Generation. Before that, the name was very rare in the US, I had never heard it.

The oldest Caitlins are in their early twenties now, most are still teenagers.

Interesting because my wife’s name is Wendy, born during the popularity of the original Peter Pan movie. Wendy is a name that was made up by the author of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan comes and goes in various forms of plays and stories since he first appeared as a character in 1910.

Thought it was pretty great. Interesting story line (not too stupid).
Good villain.
Nice and somewhat cheesy tie on of Leonard Nimoy.

I’m getting old. All the lead characters seem very young. Kirk and Picard used to seem like old guys..

Kevin, Happy Birthday tomorrow.

I’m happy to say I won’t waste one of my hard-earned dollars on Star Trek.

I’ll just sit over here and snicker.

Wendy is a name that was made up by the author of Peter Pan.

Next you’re going to tell me that the lovable donkey’s name is made up as well ... Eeyore

Why must you hurt me so?

Oh, one other thing, fuck me, Wolverine. Hard.


I think my husband would give me dispensation, as long as I let him have a roll in the hay with James Franco…

I saw it yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, as a lifelong semi-Trekker, though the theater had the sound set at threshold-of-pain level.

The Uhura/Spock thing makes sense, if this version of Spock is letting his human/emotional side get a bit longer leash.

But I don’t buy one thing. OK, Kirk saved the day, the planet, the Federation, fresh out of the Academy. Impressive, sure. So give him a big promotion in rank, and a plum assignment on the fast track to command. But don’t just give him the keys to Starfleet’s brand-new flagship. He’s got too much to learn.

I’m happy to say I won’t waste one of my hard-earned dollars on Star Trek.

Not sure why this is, but being snottily dismissive of that which others cherish is way less amusing when I’m not the one doing it. And when it’s something I cherish, it’s just wrong. Could be hate speech, I’ll go check.

Live long and die in a fire, HumboldtBlue.

Much better than other Star Trek movies (yep, I think I’ve seen all of them). But the RedState wankathon over the movie was not warranted.

Went with a group of 8 friends to see Star Trek on a DLP (Digital Projection) screen last Friday.  We all loved it!  Highly recommend seeing movies in DLP vs a regular screen if you get the chance - no extra cost.  BTW - This is not an “IMAX” movie, so don’t be scammed by those theaters advertising showing it in IMAX.

Oh, and what’s up with all the hate for Wolverine?  The missus and I really enjoyed it.  I thought they did a pretty good job of both tying it into the “hints” at his origin in X-Men movies #1 & 2 (watch them again and you’ll be surprised to how closely the “flashback memories” adhere, as well as being fairly representative to the character’s long-developing back story in the comics, with elements from both the Wolverine: Origins mini-series and the Weapon X storyline.

OK, I just watched the video of Stovokor. That’s just cringe-inducingly lame.

Trekkies denounce the new film as “fun” and “watchable.”

X-Men comic book fans aren’t saying the same about Wolverine.  Sadly, the cast of that movie never came together to make it fun (save for a couple minutes when Logan fought the Blob), and all of the lines sounded like the actors phoned them in.  Not like the script was great to begin with.  Huge disappointment.

Wrath of Khan without the hair extensions. As an action movie it gets a 6.

No-one finds Kirk’s discovery of old Spock ludicrously implausible?

Or that you can finish most of the dialogue before they end their sentences?

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