I See A Dark Man, A Tall Man With No Leadership Skills


America’s Biggest Loser decided to come out and do the Nae Nae on Face the Nation, Sunday, just for shits and giggles, I guess.  There’s no more plausible explanation for why Willard Romney would set himself up by grabbing a hot mic and exposing himself to nationwide derision.  Again. 

Unless, of course, he’s delusional enough to think that he still has something to sell America [perish the thought].

For whatever reason, the man decided to prance like a dancing horse over to Bob Schieffer’s Place and do a Loser’s Lap during which he delivered this precious evidence of why Willard is not Barack—brace yourselves, ESP enters into it:

The president’s naïveté with regards to Russia, and his faulty judgement about Russia’s intentions and objectives has led to a number of foreign policy challenges that we face.  And unfortunately not having anticipated Russia’s intentions, the president wasn’t able to shape the kinds of events that may have been able to prevent the kinds of circumstances that you’re seeing in the Ukraine, as well as the things that you’re seeing in Syria.

I think effective leaders typically are able to see the future to a certain degree, and are able to take actions to shape it in some way.  And that’s, of course, what this president has failed to do. And as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton as well.

Ooooh! the ultimate burn.  I guess he learned words like naïveté while he was making Paris safe for the Angel Moroni.  Also, the “and your little dog, too” addendum about Hillz was a nice touch..

I don’t know what they’re paying Bob Schieffer, these days, to keep a straight face over such nonsense, week after week, but it ain’t enough!

It made me think a little, though, about Mitt’s alleged “extrasensory leadership” and, grudgingly, I have to admit there is some evidence that the guy has “the second sight” or “sixth sense” or something.

For example, early on, he certainly had the prescience to size up the Vietnam War and decide that a mission to Paris was in order.

And when his work in Gay Paree was done, he had the vision about deferments drying up and had the good sense to get married and start making babies.

And there was the time that he loaded Mama and all of the little Rmoneys into his woodie and foresaw that the family hound made one too many, but with his keen leadership skills that problem was quickly solved by strapping Bowser to the roof rack.

And of course, Willard’s years at Bain were just non-stop ESP - who knew, before Romney, how much booty could be had through leveraged buyouts?

Then, in the ‘90s, his second sight led him to a run for the Senate.  Which he lost.  Upon losing that election, Romney told his brother:  “I never want to run for something again unless I can win.” [neener neener]

When indeed he did run again, sure enough, he won a gubernatorial race in Massachussetts and saw that the future was RomneyCare.  Good job, Willard!

Which, of course, brings us to Romney’s most recent clairvoyance—his crushing defeat of a popular, incumbent president.  I guess he got so excited that he didn’t watch that vision through to the end i.e., his concession speech.

Who knew?

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Shape the events that prevent the circumstances?

This clown has been speaking corporate blather for so long he’s forgotten how to speak English.

Also, Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house and Mitt Romney can see the future from his navel.

The “ABC’s” of political discourse “Always Be Complaining”. Of course Mitt was always right. Now he can get on his horse and bayonet the bejesus out of Vladi.

Mitt is to foreign policy observation as a screen door is to a submarine.

Really, Lord Romney your adhereance to that Not Ancient Religion hasn’t given you Clairvoyance to conjure up the Missing WMDs or provided insight into ObamaHitlerStalin’s plan… s… ack… gah..

I find your lack of Faith… Disturbing…

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