I Think I Might Have Mentioned that Grover Norquist is an Adult Baby

This clip is a little old, about two weeks. The bottom line is—just how important is this funny little “fiscal cliff” anyway? And is someone a “poopyhead”(INTERROBANG!) for thinking rich people should somehow be taxed less because they make the jobs happen? Huh. Since Norquist mentions it—there doesn’t really seem to be a particular correspondence between tax cuts and growth, and tax raises don’t really necessarily kill the economy—just going by recent history.  Clinton had a higher tax rate and the the economy went to “irationally exuberant”. George Bush the Lesser lowered tax rates on the job creators and we didn’t see rapid expansion of that good old George Bush economy.

One of the problems with relying on Grover Norquist’s opinions is that he is an apparent adult baby in terms of his little pissy pledge that no one has to have the indignity of paying for the government we all benefit from. His “No Tax” pledge stems from his being a wee bairn who resented a bite from his ice cream cone.   That is to say. his justification for not liking taxes now dates back to a bite by his old man of a treat (not a meal) for which he got nothing in return—whereas people who pay taxes should understand they get a lot of protections and so on from the federal government..

So it makes news when any Republican contradicts St. Grover.  But that is just what a Republican, currently serving, like, say,  Sen. Saxby Chambliss, up and did. No, not for the right reasons, him being a Republican and all—but still. So let it be said—Norquist is so probably an adult baby. And he lurches off to have a right snit over how people sometimes ever vote in their self-interest. The bastards. The poopyheads.

I might not mind if Norquist ever had a face to face challenge by real members of the hoi polloi, for whom taxation is very much a secondary issue. But I don’t think he’d do well in that venue. He really couldn’t run for office.

But as a mindfullness study, I do recommend that everyone recall that Grover Norquist was a human, once. An immature human. A larva. And he still says “poopyhead.”

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That is to say. his justification for not liking taxes now dates back to a bite by his old man of a treat (not a meal) for which he got nothing in return

How did he get the treat in the first place?  Dear old Dad, right?  One sure way to make sure Dad doesn’t take any bites—refuse the ice cream.  Otherwise STFU! Grover.

Apparently Grover couldn’t grasp that without dear old dad, there would be no Grover.

His essential premise, that taxes are by and for poopyheads, is undercut by his fundamental inability or unwillingness to grasp that hey, Grover, you didn’t manage this on your own. You really didn’t. Without dad, there is no Grover. So let the crazy old coot have bites of the ice cream which you wouldn’t have either, without him, and appreciate what you did get from him. Life, and part of an ice cream cone. Now go to your room, and for God’s sake, shut up.

I like the Sesame Street Grover better.

I keep thinking Grover wouldn’t have anything like the power he does if the Redoublechins didn’t want to avoid tax increases anyway. His pledge is even more meaningless than it seems; they’d have been just like this with or without him.

It’s entertaining to see what a tantrum-throwing toddler they’ve used as their justification, though, innit.

who resented a bite from his ice cream cone.

A free ice cream cone at that.  Typical, wants something for nothing.

I just wish that the typical GOP base unit would think through the implications of their representatives making an extraconstitutional pledge to some yutz.

BBBB - me too, but remember their base is the legion of screechers protesting the Census and the Post Office as unconstushal soshulizm.

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