I voted for Obama, and all I got was…

To fulfill our weekly Democratic fluffery quota, let’s also note (with the usual caveats) that the hopey-changy thing is workin’ out pretty good for ya. Maddow does the run-down here:

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And since no serving of Democratic fluffery would be complete without a side of wingnut scare-mongering, let’s turn our thoughts to the tangerine-colored entity hoping to take Nancy’s Smashing Gavel and one of his biggest fans:


That headline is just wrong on so many levels, and K-Lo recycled it yesterday, kind of.

I met William F. Buckley once. He was a crypto-fascist and ghastly snob as advertised, but an erudite crypto-fascist and ghastly snob. It’s a wonder he doesn’t rise up from his grave and snatch K-Lo bald-headed.

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Grand Old Priapism

If Boehner lasts more than 4 hours, see a doctor.

It’s ironic, because surveys show that K-Lo is the woman most often named by men as the cure for an unwanted Boehner.

Well, wait.  Maybe Boehner is a brand of car battery.

So far, I’m pretty happy with my vote. He still needs a rapid-response communications team, though, to get out in front of ridiculous shit like the “2000 idle skimmers” and “refused foreign assistance” nonsense on the BP spill, and embarrass the hell out of grandstanding idiots like Bobby Jindal who slashed his own state budget for spill response assistance, won’t even deploy the resources he has, and refuses to release State funds to shoreline communities for emergency cleanup efforts.

I’ve seen this movie before. Engage your base in pillow talk, making sure they know where you stand on the Big Moral Issues, get elected, go to Washington, and…do nothing. ‘Cause, if you did something, you’d have nothing to fire up your useful idiots over. The only life Boehner, or any other cynical Repug cretin, cares about is his political life.

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