I was just polled by Americans for Prosperity!

First, my lovely and highly productive hens:


Now for the poll: A volunteer from the Koch-sucker AFP group called me awhile back and asked if I thought President Obama’s policies had made the economy better or worse. I said I thought they had definitely made the economy better after Bush and his pals trashed the joint.

She then asked me if I planned to vote, and I told her I certainly did. She asked if I planned to vote early, and I replied that I would have already voted if I could have, but thanks to Tea Party-backed nitwit Governor Scott’s villainous attempt to exclude as many working people as possible by cutting the early voting period, I’d have to wait until tomorrow.

I then said I would be at the polls bright and early to cast my ballot. She wished me a pleasant evening, and I wished her the same.

Open thread!

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You’re just lucky we penile-Americans even deign to allow you Ovarian-Americans the chance to even vote, so just go count your chickens and make a sammich!

You’re nicer than I am, Betty. I was called prior to the 2008 election and the poll questions were also obviously skewed for a Republican outcome. I interrupted the guy asking the questions and said, “This is a push poll and I don’t appreciate you wasting my time with a dirty poll”. He stammered a minute and I said, “I’m voting for Barack Obama and a straight Democratic ticket, so put that in your poll results.”

I have gotten a lot of calls this season, but none as blatantly obvious as that one.

160SuzieC Says:

Betty, I was also polled today by “Autumn”, a volunteer for Americans for Prosperity. After reciting a list of RW talking pouints showing how Obama has trashed the economy, she said she wanted my opinion as to whether Obama’s policies had helped or hurt the economy. I answered loudly “helped.” In a rather hostile tone, she said “really? Would you care to explain why?” I replied “No. I know who your organization is and I do not care to talk to you.”
I found it quite interesting. We are in the epicenter (Columbus, Oh.) and I said to my husband that they must feel that their barrages of ads are not working. Also, again I am amazed that they do nothing to microtarget their voters. We are longtime Dem contributors and activists. Why are they even calling us?

Why are they even calling us?

My guess is that they know that, when Republicans are given a ton of money via mechanisms like Citizens United graft, they are obliged all the way down to the bone to use it inefficiently.

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