If I ever taught a class on how to write polisnark…

...I would show my students the beginning of this post and tell them all to consider moving home and opening up a shop selling window blinds to gullible geriatrics because they’ll never be this funny:

The Obamas have a terrible relationship with the Queen of England, Elizabeth Windsor. This is known. When they visited the Queen a few months ago, Barack Obama gave Her Majesty a “Touch iPod” loaded with hardcore interracial pornography films and swine flu. Michelle Obama, meanwhile, grabbed the Queen’s boobs for at least 30 minutes. The whole affair was vulgar.

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The Wonkettes are so good, especially Newell, that they have put a serious hurt on my ambition to blog.

I’ve loved Wonkette ever since the debates, when I was too nervous to watch live, and clung to Wonkette’s liveblogging as if it were an oxygen tank and the country a sunken wreck. That liveblog was pure public service.

*snork* Michelle touched the Queen’s boobies.

I was knew Michelle Obama wanted the royal goodies. teehee

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